Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tuna Macaroni Cheese Balls for your kids

Many people asks me about my surface I use in my food photo. "Where did you buy them ? Did you paint them by yourself ? How to make the pattern as the ones you have ?" and so on. Okay, I always paint my own wooden surface for my food photos. I have plenty of boards with various types and sizes. I painted them according to my imagination and sometimes I combined more than one color. If I don't like the color or the pattern of my board, all I need to is re-paint it again with white paint then start again.  I prefer to make my own board because it looks more personal.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cozyfield Cafe, Your Second Place

Cozyfield Cafe
What are you looking for in a cafe/coffee shop ? The answers from each person will vary. While on the top of my list is nice and cozy place with good ambiance. A place where I can sit, relax, read a book, enjoy meals, snacks or simply have a cup of good coffee and do something with laptop. In other word, homey is a must !

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