Thursday, February 7, 2013

When scone gets swirled : Chocolate swirl scone loaf


Three weeks after my dad's Cardiac catheterization surgery, our lives are starting back to normal. My dad was hospitalized for eleven days and it took out our attention, mind, energy and time. The surgery went smooth, the doctor was competent and acted fast in critical moment. My dad had become unconscious the time he arrived at the hospital. The pulse from his heart was only 20 beats per minute which is mean below average normal pulse 80 - 100 beats per minute. We almost lost him, but Alhamdulillah, we still have him alive. 

I made this scone loaf right before new year. I think keeping food photos and use them later whenever I get busy or when I have no time to bake anything is very favorable. Just like these days, where I concentrate on my dad's recovery and not fully back to my baking and cooking time. I only open my archive and choose some photos of a recipe I had tried.

Adapted from Donna Hay's Chocolate swirl scone loaf, the scone was absolutely perfect. I fall in love on how easy and simple it is to make and my curiosity for its swirl :D The original scones were made with oats and had a large round shape and grilled-bake over an open fire. Nowadays, the scones can be found in various shapes from diamond, triangle to wedge or people cut the dough with cookie cutter into heart-shaped or crescent moon shaped.


Friday, February 1, 2013

The winners of DMBLGiT January 2013 Edition

From the moment I announced DMBLGiT January 2013, food and drink photographs were sent to my mail. I discovered many new blogs and new friends as well. I received 46 photos from foodie bloggers around the globe as you can check them on gallery. Thank you all for your participation !

Thanks to a team of judges (Yelena, Aisha, Kristin and Pamela) for your time and efforts. Another big thank you to Andrew Barrow for letting me host again and Shari for the badges. Keep participating on next edition which will be hosted by Liz and Jewels from Liz & Jewels. Or you could also take part in this event as the host by sending an e-mail to Andrew with "DMBLGiT Host" as subject.

Now, it's about time to reveal the winners of DMBLGiT January 2013 Edition. Here they are :


First Place Winner
Kankana Saxena of Sunshine and Smile with
"Murgh Korma (Chicken in Nutty Sauce)"


Second Place Winner
Asri of Food and Story with "Chai Tea"

Third Place Winner
Karen Low of Citrus and Candy with "Mussels with blue cheese and white wine sauce"


Edibility Winners
We have a tie in this category

Raquel Carmona of Los Tragaldabas with "Bread"

Yulyan Parwati of Cooking with Love with "Tiramisu"

Originality Winner
Vanessa Hernandez of Chokolat and Pimienta with "Sugar Cookies"

Aesthetics Winner
Monika Topolko of Bake Noir with "Chocolate Beet Cake"

Congratulation to all winners !
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