Thursday, April 17, 2014

Genji Shoppe Pop Up Store - Pondok Indah Mall 3

Genji Shoppe
Genji Shoppe, a dessert pop up store from Monde Biskuit Indonesia recently launched on April 12, 2014. Genji Shoppe offers unique dessert creations made ​​from Genji Pie products. This artful dessert store can be found in North Entrance Pondok Indah Mall 3, Jakarta for one month only ! It means Genji Shoppe opens its door for public from April 12 - May 11, 2014

I am sure, the interior and exterior appearance of Genji Shoppe will immediately draw attention of most everyone who see it. The outer and inner wall full with beautiful hand-painted murals from 5 young talented artists : Rukmunal Hakim, Lala Bohang, Ykha Amlez, Muhamad Taufiq and Monica Hapsari.
Genji Shoppe
Genji Shoppe
Genji Shoppe
Genji Shoppe
Genji Shoppe
I am a big fan of Kandura Keramik !! Glad to finally see one of their handmade tableware ceramic being displayed on the table. Those cute mugs are available to purchase on Genji Shoppe.
Genji Shoppe

Find these good looking and yummy desserts parade below as a teaser before you finally arrange your time to go there. :D Don't forget, for all its dessert creations, Genji Shoppe only use fresh fruits !
Genji Shoppe
Ratatouille goes berries - 25K
It's a sweet combination of cream cheese and fresh berries on top with Genji base crust. This one is a MUST TRY !

Geji Shoppe
Sleeping Beauty - 25 K
Mini Genji Pie hidden inside a moist, a la minute, strawberry pinkish sponge cake. Made fresh when ordered. Served with a choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce.

This is not a Martini - 25K
Layered of white and chocolate mousse, a perfect combination to share with loved ones. Dip your mini pies into the mousse and taste sweet crisp sensation ! :)

Sweet sweet love - 35K
Heart shape melting brownies in between original Genji pie, balancing the sweetness with raspberry tartness.

A bag of loves / A jar of hearts - 20K for 100g
Melted chocolate sandwiched between two mini pies. Super cute and addictive as well !! 

Genji Shoppe
When sour meets choco - 32K
Sweet lovers addict, layered of Genji heart-shaped pie with chocolate malt enrich with hazelnut, covered with chocolate ganache and topped with spring fruit salad.

Magic cinnamon pie - 28K
Crispy Genji pastry with assorted spiced fruit.

You will find more desserts on Genji Shoppe and discover the taste of all 9 indulging dessert options only on Genji Shoppe Pop Up Store PIM3. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Broccoli & Chicken stir-fry with oyster sauce

From what I saw on the movie, kids hate broccoli. They refuse to eat broccoli because its dark green colour and vegetable with dark green colour equals bitter taste ! But that's completely wrong. Broccoli tastes surprisingly quite good. Broccoli also has numbers of health benefit which are very good for our body, like prevent osteoarthritis, reduce cancer risk, diabetes and heart disease.

It contains high level of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, anti-oxidants and good source of dietary fiber. So there's nothing that I  don't like from broccoli. My typical way to cook broccoli is boil it with a pinch of salt for only no more than 4 minutes. Make sure not to overcook your broccoli because it will lose its nutritional content in the water.
A quick Asian method of stir-fry, so easy, delicious yet healthy, that I can always count on to satisfy the whole family member. Recipe that doesn't need spending too much time in the kitchen. With a perfect way of cooking and in a precise time, broccoli will remain tender and crisp. I think that's the key. Whenever I cook this dish, it won't last long at our dinner table ! It is just so tasty.


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