Monday, March 5, 2012

My breakfast with simple pancakes

(Homemade) - Simple pancake

What I eat for breakfast is very important. Why ? First, I don't eat dinner, then I would I wake up hungry. Second, I need energy to move me at least until lunch time. I can't think with empty stomach. :D

Today is like any other day, I woke up hungry and out of the blue I craved for pancake. This was my not-so-ordinary breakfast. Light and sweet. I usually eat soto ayam (Indonesian chicken soup), rice porridge, fried rice or nasi uduk (Betawinese scented coconut rice). You see, I eat anything with rice for breakfast.


That morning I was so lucky because I had all the ingredients on hand, except for the maple syrup and chocolate sauce. Serving pancakes in my house for breakfast is totally bizarre. This is not our Indonesian style breakfast. But try something different from our routines is fun.

First time I made pancake, it was in small size and flavourless. After that, whenever I want pancake, I just go to a pancake restaurant and order the best one for myself. But when I saw the picture of a little girl whisking pancake batter on a kid's recipe section in a magazine, I almost screamed to myself "see that little girl, she made her own pancake !". With all my gratitude to the little girl, I made these pancakes with her recipe.

How I started my day last Sunday morning ? I started with 3 pancakes !!  :D



  1. A fabulous breakfast item! I love pancakes.



  2. I'm loving your new style in the photos! It's like reading it straight from a recipe book :). This one is going to be a hit merienda (afternoon snack) for me and my friends, since Mark's away :P.

    1. Glad you liked it, Marvie. Of course it needs more time, but I think it's worth the look. Snacking pancakes with ice cream with friends sounds super cool.

  3. So beautiful! Love that you started Sunday morning with ice cream and pancakes! That is one fabulous idea! You have a gorgeous blog Tika, love your photos!

  4. Came across you & your site from your guest post on Lubna's page.
    Really love your work. Enjoying both your blogs, this one & the one with food photography tips & behind-the-scene shots.
    And, hi! :)

    1. Hi to you too, Nisha ! Hope I could share more. :) Nice to know that you enjoyed my blogs.

  5. we all love pancakes, simple and yum yum.
    * I like your photo here tika, straight forward to my eyes. they are telling me more story like what you write, at the same time it seduce me to eat it!

    1. Thanks so much, Ira ! I wish I had maple syrup for my pancakes :)


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