Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chocolate to try : Chocolate Prune Truffles

Whisk and melted chocolate

Long busy weeks ! I planned to post this recipe last week but alas I was too busy with all schedules. Organizing trip to Cisarua with my colleagues, my son's homeschool project, finishing my project at the office (gosh, this one has taken my energy, so time consuming and I'm mentally tired !).

(Homemade) - Chocolate Prune Truffles

So, last week, I went to Indonesian Safari Park in Cisarua, Bogor.  I'm going to leave you for awhile and enjoy my souvenirs from the trip !

Bird 2
Bird 3

My "chocolate to try" recipe for this month is Chocolate prune truffles. With a little help from 3 kids (my son and nephews), we made these ball-shaped chocolate. We were happy, our hands were full with chocolate and got dirty together :D. They all just couldn't wait to eat the truffles.

(Homemade) - Chocolate prune truffles

I modified just a little bit from the original recipe, only on the filling and coating. You could also do experiment with your truffles, replace the filling with nuts or marshmallow or anything you like. As for the coating, cocoa powder, crushed nuts or crushed biscuits could be one of your option. Fun, isn't it ?

Don't forget to check my Chocolate to try series every month. I'll cook anything with chocolate in it just for you. My lists are getting longer, so I'll choose selectively. Just wait what I will cook next month.

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I served my homemade truffles to our guest and they liked it ! My cousin said "why don't you sell something like these ? This is gonna be a hit !". 




  1. What gorgeous pictures of the animals! Really stunning.

    Those truffles look and sounds just divine.



  2. Huhuhuuuu...mewek nih aku mbak, nggak bisa lihat gambar2nya. Mungkin karena terlalu besar dan banyak jadinya yang kebuka cuman 1/4 dari atas. MAklum di sini sinyal lemot...yang kelihatan utuh cuman gambar truffle yg ada resepnya, cantiiiikk!!

    1. Whaaaa....too bad ! Mungkin karena resolusinya kegedean kali ya :(

  3. Stunning pictures,Tika.Love everything about this post.Hope you had a wonderful time !

    1. Hi, Farwin. Thank you very much for your nice words :)


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