Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolate to try : Chocolate Devil's cupcakes

Another chocolate recipe for my "Chocolate to try" series. With chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and a little surprise inside the cupcakes ! Want to know what the surprise was ? Better keep rolling... :)

(Homemade) - Devil cupcakes

These were my first devil cupcakes I've ever made. And I love it !!! This absolutely not a devil cake, it supposed to be an angel cake. The chocolate cupcake with cute crown (that was what I told my son), and it became the kids' favorite. They kept coming back for more cuppies.

Speaking of the devil, does anyone know why this cake is called devil cake ? If you happen to know, I'm all ears.


I love to keep them in the fridge. Because it will make the cakes moist and kind of chewy in my mouth. Besides, the frosting needs to be kept in the fridge or it will soften in room temperature.

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So..what did I put inside the cupcake as a surprise ? It was Snickers chunks. Believe me, that was insanely good. Especially the melted caramel from the Snickers. So, what kind of surprise you want to put inside the devil cupcake ? It's all yours...




  1. Devilishly tempting cupcakes! Thery look and sound totally irresistible.

    Great clicks too!



  2. I've been loving dark chocolate lately and these cupcakes look sinfully good!

  3. Hmm... I'd put some twix! Devil's cake. It is said to be a counterpart to the Angels food cake. Due to adding more baking soda, it has a mahogany color to it that other cakes don't. Hence, Devil's Food cake. But the frosting just beat it down! For now, its a devils cake to me because it would make me fat.

    1. Thanks for explaining Jessica !
      This cake is angel in our taste buds but devil for our body. Yes...we need extra work out after eat one or two or three cups :)

  4. A traditional Devil's food cake is actually made with shredded beets, much the way a carrot cake is made with carrots. Although the traditional cake does not taste like beets, they just add sweetness and moisture, it is a very rich cake. Many theories are that due to the richness of the cake (sinful) and the slightly red colouration it was dubbed the Devil's food.

    1. Oh...I didn't know that Devil's cake is made with beets. So the actual color from the Devil's cake is red instead of chocolate. Mmm....this is interesting. Thanks, Alsatia

  5. Oh lordy ... these look like I could pick them out of the screen and dive in right away, covering my cheeks in chocolate deliciousness.

  6. oh, i really love chocolate and coffee but the snickers on it somehow it's really new to me, would love to try your recipe out!

  7. I just tried this recipe and i have to say it's PERFECT! I tried so many muffin/cupcake recipes and the cakes was always dry and not tasty at all. Or i even couldn't bake it, the middle of the cake always stayed unbaked! But with your recipe i made it at first time! :) And i'm so happy, the cake is so fluffy and yummy...and i can't wait to prepare it for my bf :)Thanx for the recipe once again! And here is the photo of it!/Debelalisinamac/media/slideshow?

  8. Wooww cupcakesnya menggoda. Kalau suka berkreasi bisa coba ikuti kompetisi ini >>


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