Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Healthy Fruity : Papaya with squeezed lemon juice

Papaya with squeezed lemon juice

Have you ever think that time passes so quickly ? As we grow older, our bodies require more attention. We need to keep ourselves balanced from mind to body to feelings. Consuming healthy foods, doing regular physically exercises, always think positive and clear our mind from negative thoughts. Growing old is a genuine and natural process that happens to most of us.

Snacking fruit in between our meal time is healthy yet good for our body. I'm planning to feature recipes with fruits this month. Be ready for more colors from various fruits I will use on my next posts.


I consider papaya as sexy fruit. It has tropical color with light and sweet aroma and soft texture. It's been long time since I ate my last papaya two months ago and I miss to eat it again. In my country, unripe green papaya can be cooked as vegetable. Papaya leaves have been eaten by some Indonesians as salad mixed with peanut sauce. The leaves also have been used to wrap and tenderize tougher cuts of meat.

I want to quote what Donna Hay always say in her cooking show on TV "fast, fresh and simple". This is what the recipe is all about. Simply fast and fresh ! My favorite papaya is when it has half green and half yellow skin color. The flesh should be gradation of orange color and not too soft. I don't like it overripe.

In Indonesia, there's a dish made from ripe papaya, lime juice and shredded ice. It's called Rucuh Pepaya, more like papaya cocktail.

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  1. segeeerr.. bgt.. kangeeenn pepaya..:-)

  2. Canteeeeek banget fotonya. Mbak ini kesukaan keluargaku. Pepaya diberi sedikit gula pasir dan perasan jeruk nipis. Syegeeeeer...*walaupun sebenarnya nggak perlu gula lagi ya*

    1. Thank you Hesti. Pepayanya kan udah manis, jadi ga perlu nambah gula.

  3. Nice posting and nice foods here. You may know about a lot of information here.
    Like as I drink a cup of coconut oil for acne.

  4. enak banget kayaknya nieh mbak
    ternyata blog orang indonesia kwkwkw

    1. Enak dan segar. :)
      Iya aku orang Indonesia asli !! hehehehehee

  5. enak banget apalagi kalau disantap saat siang hari pasti nikmat banget, salam kenal mbak


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