Sunday, January 19, 2014

Grilled aromatic rice wrapped in banana leaves

Continuous rainfall for the last several days has caused heavy flooding in some places around Jakarta. I had to cancel my appointment with a friend due to this situation. I think it's a lot safer if we stay at home at the moment. Alhamdulillah, my home is not affected by the flood and everything seems pretty normal from here. Staying at home in the rainy weekend pushed me back into the kitchen and cooked a special dish for whole family. I make Nasi Bakar / Grilled aromatic rice which is very simple and delicious. If you have leftover rice, this is a recipe you can rely on and serve a new variation of rice dish other than fried rice. Even my son can eat two parcels in one go !

Nasi bakar / Grilled aromatic rice is a parcel of cooked and seasoned rice wrapped in banana leaves with various fillings and then grilled until fragrant. Banana leaf adds unique flavor to the rice and good natural food wrapper indeed. Seasoned rice has savory taste and usually filled with chicken cubes, fish chunks, meat, mushroom or vegetables. The rice cooking process for my Grilled rice is almost identical to how I make fried rice.

Parcel of Grilled aromatic rice is perfect for picnic and or for certain events. Since the rice and side dish stuffed inside it are already packed together, you got all in one package. You just add crackers, sambal (chili sauce) and fresh vegetables like tomato and cucumber.

Cook's note : 
- This recipe yields 3 parcels of grilled aromatic rice.
- To make leaves more malleable, you could dampen and cook the banana leaves in a microwave until steam appears. Another way to soften banana leaves is heat them over a hot pan for a few seconds until they turn color and soften.
(Homemade) - Grilled aromatic rice wrapped in banana leaves



  1. A wonderful recipe and speciality! Aromatic rices are so addictive.



  2. cantik nya foto2 mu bu, ya ampuuuun.... beneran jadi pingin masak beginian, tapi ya..daun pisang itu adalah sesuatu yang berharga.. jarang2 ketemu LOL

    1. Thank you, Fitri.
      Ini enak banget lhooo. Kalau di sana beli frozen gitu pasti mahal juga ya. Biasanya Pepy itu beli di Asian market. :)

  3. Setuju ama mbak Tika, aku jg bikin sekali langsung jatuh cinta. Kereeen mbak picsnyaaa...

  4. Chicken, rice and basil wrapped in banana leaves sounds very exotic, flavorful and delicious. A wonderful recipe.

    1. Indeed, Lail. You can imagine how delicious this is. Thank you very much for coming. :)

  5. Mbaaaa, speechless liat gambar2nya....cantiiiiik semuahnyah :D menunggu sesi kursus fp sama mba tika nih, hehhehehe

  6. Addduuuhh..... Foto2mu juga bagus2 Liz. Thanks ya udah mampir.


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