Monday, April 16, 2012

The simplest tempe chips

Tempe slices

What else would you ask for a super quick and simple snack ? It has to be chips *no doubt. How chips would save the day in a minute when you're hungry. No matter store-bought or homemade chips, it's still enjoyable whenever you need.

(Homemade) - Tempe chips

The famous fermented soy beans, tempe, is widely available in Indonesia. From traditional market to supermarket, we can find and buy it. We could also make a homemade tempe. If I want to make tempe, first I need to order tempe yeast from the tempe seller in the market and he will bring my order the next day.

He also sells tempe in many shapes, such as  block, triangle and tube. It wrapped in banana leaves or plastic  bag. I remember a different kind of tempe called tempe gembus which made from soy pulp. My grandma used to marinate the tempe gembus and fry them. I eat it as is with bird eye chilies. My dad likes to make sambal from tempe bosok or rotten tempe. It's very traditional on its way. The more I remember the memories about food that comes from the village where my dad grew up, the more I realize I miss those foods.


There are many varieties of tempe chips in many flavors. I bought cheese flavored tempe chips when I was in Bandung. Very innovative ! I used my basic fried tempe recipe for this tempe chips. I don't use any flour or egg. That's why I call it simple chips. I simply sliced the tempe very thin to make the chips crispy. Have a nice try everyone !



  1. Very original and surely very addictive! I'll have to see if tempeh is available here...



    1. Yes, it's very addictive. One is never enough ! Please give yourself a try, Rosa :)

  2. Dear Tika,
    I am just thrilled to look at the shots of your recipes! I should say I turned to be a professional Gawker.. really... i'm reading your write up on food photography in yummy food.


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