Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tamarillo Smoothie

(Homemade) - Tamarillo smoothie

Juice or smoothie ? I misinterpreted the meaning of those words all along. According to some sources I've found on the internet, juice and smoothie are different and they produced from different machines.

Juice is fruits and/or vegetables extract. By using a juicer you will get fresh liquid from the fruits or veggies. It's because juicer separates juice from the pulp. While smoothie is a blended of whole fruit (please remove skin and seeds before you blend it in a blender) and/or vegetable (or could be a mix of fruit and vegetable). The consistency of a smoothie is thick and rich in fiber. Based on the above explanation, the drink I made this time is a smoothie.


Hi everyone, good to be back again here. Been away for some photography projects and still have an upcoming project with my friends. I can't imagine how to manage my time with another extra activities and responsibilities, the hectic and the busy schedule. But deep in my heart I'm happy and very grateful for everything. I wish everything will work out for the best in the end. Aamiin.

I had been coughing for days when I decided to make this smoothie. My energy had drained from my body after I finished the photography project with my friend. Lacking of sleep and skipping lunch break made my condition even worst ! Do you know that lack of sleep can make you a little bit foggy ? I've been there and that is so true. :D

To boost my energy and immune system up, I need vitamin C from natural sources. The richest vitamin C sources are of course from fruits and vegetables  We can find an easy and healthy way to enjoy mixed fruits through juice or smoothie. This time I made tamarillo smoothie with a little bit honey, milk and ice. So freaking fresh !! This one is an amazing healing drink.

Tamarillo or terong Belanda (Dutch eggplant) is an egg-shaped fruit native to South America. It has a unique flavor, a combination of tomato and passionfruit. Tamarillos are high in vitamin C and nutritious. 




  1. A divine smoothie and lovely pictures!



  2. Your photos are simply amazing. Never tried tamarillo's but your photos got me curious about it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    1. Thank you so much :) You should give a try, it tastes good.

  3. Look so fresh mbak Tika...asli enak ini. Aku pernah bikin tapi nggak pake madu, kayaknya lain kali harus dicoba ^^

    1. Hai Hesti. Iya ini enak bangeeettt. Super seger ! Pake madu itu ga seperti pakai gula, jadi hasilnya masih ada asem2 dari terong Belanda.


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