Monday, August 5, 2013

Chocolate to try : Chocolate crinkle cookies

Eid is approaching ! It also means long holiday is coming. Only in few days all Moslem across the globe will be having their winning celebration. Yes, it is a celebration that marks the end of the holy month Ramadhan. A moment full of forgiveness, togetherness and happiness. After a month of fasting, we experience hunger and thirst and bring us closer to Allah. Now let me wish you "May your life be filled with peace and happiness. Have a joyous celebration and showers of Allah's blessings. Aamiin"

In this long religious Eid al Fitr holiday , we usually visit our closest relatives and neighbors to wish and greet them Eid Mubarak. It's a tradition that after Ramadan ends, every family will serve special meals for the entire family member and their guests. Traditional menus like ketupat (rice cook in coconut leaves wrapper), sayur lodeh (Betawinese vegetable in coconut milk soup), opor ayam (chicken braised in coconut milk) , sambal goreng ati (spicy chicken liver), semur (Betawinese beef stew), setup kolang-kaling (palm sugar fruit compote) can be easily found during Eid. Thankfully that my family and my husband's family always serve different kind of dishes. My mom usually cook Betawinese style ketupat sayur with opor and semur which are amazingly delicious and the best ones ever. While my mother-in-law cook Soto Surabaya (Surabaya style flavorful chicken soup).

(Homemade) - Chocolate crinkle cookies
(Homemade) - Chocolate crinkle cookies

Although I don't cook special dishes for Eid but I definitely bake some cookies. It's because I'll be at my mom's house or my mother-in-law's during Eid. Beside mom will also gives me some of the dishes for me to take home and that would be more than enough for the three of us (me, hubby and son). One of the intriguing cookie I wanted to make was Chocolate crinkle cookies. I called it "The ugly beauty". There are cracks everywhere but those what make these cookies look pretty. And I fell hard for its shape, cracks and taste.

I got the recipe from here and did some adjustments according to my liking. I'll leave you with the story and photos of the cookies for now, I'll be back with the recipe by the end of the day. Here's what I've done so far with the recipe and you may check it out below. 

(Homemade) - Chocolate crinkle cookies



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