Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guest Post : Spicy Cheese Sticks for Sonia from "Oggi pane e salame, domani..."

(Homemade) - Cheese stick

My latest guest post for my Italian foodie friend, Sonia. A simple recipe that can be made by everyone. Cheesy, spicy, fried and I made it gluten free. 

Sonia offered me to write two blog posts for her blog Oggi pane e salame domani... (Bread and salami for today, tomorrow... , in English). The first post is about recipe and the other one will be about behind the scene. The complete story and recipe of Spicy Cheese Sticks can be seen on her blog. 

See you there... !


  1. arrivo dal blog di pane e salame, mi piace il tuo blog mi iscrivo tra i tuoi follower

  2. hmmm.. so yummmy..

    bagi2 dong resepnya ^_^ nice post..
    fotonya pas, walau cahaya agak redup, tapi ada karakter chick..

    it's awesome. and make me hungry.. hahaha

    1. Thanks Jimmy. Saya memang cenderung menaikkan contrast di foto saya, mungkin itu efeknya jadi agak redup :)

      Resepnya bisa dicek di link yang saya kasih di atas.

  3. oh my, that looks so delicious. it reminds me of "muruku", an indian snack that i used to munch on as a kid!


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