Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chinese mantou with braised chicken

I have always enjoyed watching Jamie's 15-Minute Meals on TV every weekend. It never occurred to me that cooking show can be so entertaining, fun and left me with some new ideas brewing in my head. Watching Jamie cooking is like watching a boy playing with his toys on a playground. He can transmit joy through his cooking.

He serves healthy and delicious foods in only 15 minutes. I made a joke once about it to my hubby and son, "I can also serve you food in 10 minutes ! I'll call the nearest food stalls and ask them to deliver what we want."  But of course that is not the point. Remember what Jamie always says on his show "IF YOU THINK YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO COOK, THINK AGAIN" as an encouragement. Try to see cooking as a joy rather than a burden.

I'm not really sure how much time I spent when I cook this braised chicken, but it was a fast-cooking meal. It was my first trial and it became a big hit ! Kids loved it, especially my mom. She ate more and more then finally she asked me for the recipe. :D

The mantou or Chinese steamed bun was so soft, warm, fluffy and perfectly paired with my braised chicken. The buns are much nicer than the last time I ate them long long time ago. Mom used to fry mantou and as I remember I didn't like it because it was dry and hard.

It's fine if you want to make your own mantou from scratch. But if you feel it a little bit irritating then buy frozen mantou, just like I did. You can find frozen mantou in frozen section in most of supermarket.



  1. They look fabulous and extremely appetizing!



  2. Steam buns sound new to me....they look fab....Chicken looks absolutely droolicious....even I love Jamie's 15 Minutes Meal....

    Thank you for taking time and participating in Global Ramadan event Joy From Fasting To Feasting - VII and making it grand success with your yum entry.....

    1. These ones are great munchies for kids and... adult like us :D

      You are most welcome, Lubna. The pleasure was mine, glad I could join your annual Ramadhan event. :)


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