Saturday, February 4, 2012

idfb Challenge #3 : Lunar New Year and Wedang angsle

One of my best friend had bought herself a new DSLR camera. She looked forward to go out some place so we can take pictures together. Then one day, we (me, my friend N, H and A) went to Chinatown in Glodok. We planned to see Chinese Lunar New Year activities over there and take some pictures.

The Chinese ethnic in Indonesia has been allowed to celebrate their ritual openly. Thanks to Gus Dur (Indonesian former President) ! We can see Dragon dancing or Barongsai and we can learn how Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year. When I was taking pictures outside of the temple (vihara), I was impressed by their hospitality. They let me in to take pictures inside the Vihara. People devotedly prayed to their Gods.  There were red giant candles everywhere, statues of the Gods and Goddesses and of course the thick smoke from the incense sticks. :D

Here are some photos I snapped during Lunar New Year. Enjoy the photos !

Lunar New Year
Burn it up !
Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year

Yet another new challenge from idfb (Indonesian Food Blogger) with "Indonesian Beverages" as the new theme. Hopefully, I could see more traditional beverage recipes through this challenge. Indonesia has various kind of hot and cold beverages. Bajigur, pokak saripu, bandrek, es teler, wedang ronde, wedang sereh, es kacang merah, es palu butung, es pisang ijo, es cendol and many more. So, I had drowned in a whirlpool of ideas.

(Homemade) - Wedang angsle

In the rainy season like these days, I personally like something warm for my body. The soupy drink that has strong ginger flavor. The using of ginger in Indonesian traditional beverages is very common. Ginger is good for your health especially during cold and flu season. The traditional wedang ansgle which originated from East Java has white color and sweet taste sauce.  It usually served warm with bread pieces, steamed mung bean, putu matang (noodle shaped flour cake), roasted peanut and tapioca sticks. It's slightly similar to sekoteng.


To Indonesian Food Blogger, here's my entry. Good luck !

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  1. Great clicks and dish! The first picture is wonderful.



  2. Beautiful blog and recipes!
    salam kenalan dari saya

  3. Great shots tika!
    wedhang angsle mengingatkan kota kecil yg selalu aku rindukan.
    Thanks! you brought it up here ;)

  4. Waaaah suka semua foto fotonya Mbak. Selalu suka stylenya mbak Tika. Mbak sebagai wujud apresiasiku, aku ada award buat mbak, semoga berkenan menerima. Silahkan lihat di blogku...makasih mbak.

  5. Tik, Ira has been saying about the same wedang angsle as I imagined. Something about Probolinggo. :)

    Love wedang angsle

  6. Kirain small town yang dibilang Ira itu Malang. Ternyata Probolinggo :D
    Glad to know this wedang angsle has brought back your memories of that small town.


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