Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Remake : Chocolate and matcha steamed cupcakes

Looking back at my previous post 2 years ago, where I have posted a steamed cupcake recipe. Old-fashioned steamed cupcake I remember from my childhood. Mom used to buy me cat face-shaped steamed cakes every time we go to the hospital for a monthly check-up. The cake was too cute to eat and I didn't even want to share the cake to my younger sister and brother. I was a selfish sister back then. :D

Monday, October 7, 2013

New blog name and Corn Pudding

Woohoo... I finally have a new name for my blog, Cooking Chapter. Few names came up in the way before I finally choose this name. Some of them are already being used by someone else and some are too long for a blog name. I want a simple and memorable name that represents me personally and my hobby. Until in the last minute, I was thinking about a book with chapters. And boom....the new chapter begin.... :)

Let's celebrate my happy moment with this beautiful corn pudding. Soft and delicate, lovely yellow color from the sweet corn. I just love them all. I really want to celebrate it in a decent way. But I am holding it off until early next year, in my fourth blogiversary. :)

Earlier last month, I made this pudding based on the ingredients I have in the kitchen, no recipe and no measurement. It taste good, though it need some adjustments in the recipe. But then I made it again with exact measurements and write it all down, so I could share it here.


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