Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Setup Rambutan / Ice Rambutan with cinnamon syrup

Hi...how are you all doing ? I'm so excited to be here again with new recipe. I promise to keep update with minimum a post each month. I feel soulless lately, not really in the mood to post anything. But as you can see, I made few changes here and there in this blog. Do you see my new logo on my blog header ? Hahaha...I accidentally made it for my 3rd belated blogiversary, where it supposed to held in January.


I'm not fully back again into blogging and cooking things at the moment. I lost my passion every time I want to cook something. I know my dad's death really affects my mood. I just go with the flow and try not to fight it. Family is still my top priority above all. I have filed my resignation from "Rasa Indonesia" Online Magazine where I was one of the author for Food Photography articles. It was such great opportunity and experience to work with Arfi Binsted of HomemadeS. Although we worked together for only a short time, I learned not only about photography but also how to improve my writing skill. Nevertheless, I thank all contributors in "Rasa Indonesia" Online Magazine (Yulyan, Yulim, Hesti, Turida and Pepy). Hope "Rasa Indonesia" Online magazine will grow even bigger than before in the future.

In my lovely tropical country, we can easily find various kind of tropical fruits. One of so many is rambutan. We call it rambutan or hairy fruits, because its rind is covered with hair. While the white flesh has sweet and mildly acidic flavor. The fact is, canned rambutan in syrup is available in most of grocery stores. But since I can make it my own, then it would be a healthy one and of course with no preservatives added. 




Friday, April 19, 2013

I'll be back...

Yes.. I'm still here, been trying to keep this blog alive from comma :p I have a new post and hope everything will be ready by tomorrow. See you soon....


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