Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oreo cheesecake


Who can resist Oreo ? Though I'm not in the position to represent the product, but it's true. Kids will love Oreo smoothies, chocolate covered Oreo cookies or simply dip them in a glass of milk. Be creative and let your imagination free to create new recipe using Oreos.

I made this Oreo cream cheese cake from half package of leftover cream cheese and leftover whipped cream. The rest of the ingredients are always available in my fridge. I don't have the skill to make beautiful cake, especially when it takes long time to prepare and bake the cake layer by layer. Even making beautiful shape of swirls for cupcakes has always been my biggest challenge.

This cake is about fun and simple, of course kids will love it because it tastes like ice cream. I have made this cake several times with some modification. Mixed the cream cheese with Oreo crumbs, made pie crust from Oreo and when my hand mixer stopped working, I added egg then put the cake into the oven. But all off them turned out good and never failed me. 



Hence, I've waited so long to post about it, I tried to make it look beautiful and special. Hope you like it and feel free to try the recipe.

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