Monday, June 24, 2013

Freshen up your day with Honey Mint Lime Water

What do you want to drink in a hot summer day ? Personally, I do prefer something fresh icy cold drink with twist of fruits. Though so many artificial juice drinks out there, a homemade summer drink is much better and healthier. Because it doesn't consist artificial flavor, artificial color, artificial sweetener nor preservatives. So, it's safer for our body.

When I was a kid, my mom used lime juice and soybean ketchup for cough remedy. And, I use that method too to my son whenever he has cough. Like any other mother, I choose natural remedies for my family. I always keep in my mind to be more aware to the signs given by my body. Tired or achy, just go to bed early and take a nap. It's probably my body need a rest. Then I will feel fresh and better when I wake up.



If you're a hot spicy food lover, this drink will sooth your throat. Just like Sundanese foods I ate last week, sayur asem, deep fried salted fish, bean sprout stir fry and spicy shrimp paste sambal with squeezed lime. I ordered iced lime water for my drink, my son and I liked it. So, I made the healthier version by replacing sugar with honey. I checked some lime water recipes before finally making this one. I love how people combined lime water with ginger, lemon grass, soda, cucumber and fruit slices. Since this was my first attempt, I tried with only honey, mint leaves and no soda. It came out nice and I plan to make it again with a twist.



Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pickled water rose apples


Long time ago, pickling was used to preserve food for winter or to be carried on a long journey. Pickles have so many style depend on the country. Fruit pickles, vegetable pickles or a mix of fruits and vegetables. My version of pickle is one of the easiest, because I only toss everything and add chilies to make it hot.


I stepped my feet into the traditional market and I saw thousands of fruit in the carts. Rambutans, mangoes, water rose apples, pomelos and snake fruits have flooded the market. I absolutely wouldn't miss something rare like this.

I decided to make pickle with one of those fruits. I consider pickle is another way to enjoy fruit. Just simply raw and fresh, it also perfect for sunny day. In my family, my mum is amous with her cucumber pickle or we called it acar. I should tell you, she made the best cucumber pickle. The sour from the vinegar, the  flavor and the crunchiness from the cucumber,. Mum usually serve it with boiled noodles or fried bee hoon.



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