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Cozyfield Cafe, Your Second Place

Cozyfield Cafe
What are you looking for in a cafe/coffee shop ? The answers from each person will vary. While on the top of my list is nice and cozy place with good ambiance. A place where I can sit, relax, read a book, enjoy meals, snacks or simply have a cup of good coffee and do something with laptop. In other word, homey is a must !

Living in southern suburb of Jakarta, I am more than happy and relieved to find that this area has almost everything as what Jakarta has. Shopping mall, public area, modern market, city park with large trees, playground for kids and of course fresh air. Every places can be reached without heavy traffic. Just the way I like it, driving without traffic.
Cozyfield Cafe
In a one stop shopping place for bookworms, located in Bintaro - South Tangerang, Gramedia Emerald Bintaro, you can find that there is a newly opened cafe. Cozyfield Cafe is the new and first FOOD & BEVERAGE business line from Kompas Gramedia Group. This cafe is in the same building with Gramedia book store. Cozyfield itself consists of 3 areas; family area, smoking area and public area.

The cafe is spacious enough to accommodate to 70 people and surrounded by glass walls for loads of natural light inside. Good place to take a good food photo there. "Go Green" has been chosen to represent Cozyfield Cafe's concept and support environmental friendly movement by taking action in "no plastic use". Bravo for that !!
Cozyfield Cafe Cozyfield Cafe
Cozyfield Cafe offers western foods, Asian and traditional foods from Indonesia. While for the beverages, it provides fresh healthy juice, coffee, tea, milkshake, fruit ice crush. On the cake/dessert corner, it has cakes, pastry, doughnut, muffin, breakfast menu such as pancake, rice porridge, poached egg. Price range for foods is between 45K - 105K and for drinks is between 20K - 55K

Got the picture of this cafe ? Don't hesitate yourself to come during bussiness hour, open daily from 11.00 AM - 09.00 PM

Cozyfield Cafe - Beef Burger Rendang Floss
Beef Burger Rendang Floss - 65K
A plate of burger with oat bun, French fries, relish and chili sauce.

Baked Macaroni Cheese Pot - 52K
Baked cheese macaroni with tomato salsa.

Cozyfield Cafe - Spaghetti Pesto with roasted cashew nuts and fresh basil
Spaghetti pesto with roasted cashew nuts, fresh basil & Pecorrino Romano - 52K

Cozyfield Cafe - Sate Pusut
Sate Pusut - 90K
Spicy lime leaf minced beef satay, steamed vegetable salad with spiced grated coconut, sambal and rice cake with fried shallot on top.

Rawon Reborn - 105K
Seared striploin, black ink quail eggs, rice, emping and sambal

Cozyfield Cafe - Healthy Juice (Orange, Carrot, Apple & Basil seeds)
Healthy Juice - Orange Carrot Apple and Basil seeeds - 40K

Cozyfield Cafe - Coffee Late
Cafe Latte - 35K

Cozyfield Cafe - Glow (Dragon Fruit, Soursop, Apple)
Glow (Dragon fruit, Soursop, Apple) - 35K

Cozyfield Cafe - Healthy Juice (Avocado, Coconut, Spinach, Honey)
Healthy Juice - Avocado Coconut Spinach Honey - 40K

Cozyfield Cafe - Healthy Juice (Beet Apple Berry)
Healthy Juice - Beet Apple Berry - 40K

Cozyfield Cafe - Juice
Juice (Orange Juice - 40K, Lime Juice - 23K, Coconut Water - 20K)

Cozyfield Cafe
Gramedia Emerald Bintaro
Jl. Raya Boulevard Bintaro Jaya
CBD Emerald Blok CE/B-02
Tangerang Selatan, Banten

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Twitter : @cozyfield

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