Thursday, July 7, 2011

Announcing Does My Blog Look Good in This ? (DMBLGiT) July 2011 Edition

Over the last 18 months, I have entered a handful of DMBLGiT events.

... and today I feel honored and exited to announce that I am the host of the popular food photography event Does My Blog Look Good in This ? (DMBLGiT?) July Edition - a monthly food photography event for food bloggers and food photographers everywhere - that was started by Andrew of Spittoon and Spittoon Extra.

Big thanks to Andrew for managing this long-running contest and allowing me the opportunity to host this month. (If you are interested in hosting the event, please email Andrew with "DMBLGiT Host" as the subject).

Check out beautiful photos of the winners from last month at Charline Cuisine  as the host of June Edition. (Thank you Charline for being a wonderful host and to all judges for choosing my photo as the 3rd place winner, I am very happy !)

Meet the judges

Before we go any further, I'd like to introduce the judges on the judging panel first. They come from different countries !

Pepy Nasution, is an Indonesian lives in Winnipeg, Canada. She shares (mostly) Indonesian recipes with her beautiful photos on her blog Indonesia Eats. A food blogger whose passion on food you can always feel from her posts. As she mention about her blog "this blog is very much filled with nostalgia". I'm also amazed on how she can fulfill her craving of Indonesian foods while she's far away from her motherland :P She's also the admin of  Taste of Indonesia in Food Photography. You may find her works on Flickr.

Dario Milano, is a professional Food Stylist and Photographer who has won on DMBLGIT July 2010 and DMBLGiT December 210. He's been very nice by managing Food Photography Critique and Food Photography Contest on his blog Food Pixel. He also kindly shared his tips on food photography. If you interested in food photography, you can grow with him ! His blog, his tips, his critiques and his food photography contest.

Sylvie, a freelance photographer from California, USA, with food photography as her specialization. One of many nice friends I met through Flickr. Her food photos are always inspiring as you can view on her blog, Gourmande in the kitchen. All I can say about her works is "she has unique style, beautiful light and have dark mood  in most of her photos" and I will recognize it immediately that it was hers. View her photostream on her Flickr to find more of her recent works.

Carlina Teteris, is a traveler and she loves taking picture of dead fish ! Based in Singapore but has travelled to many places make her living like a nomad :D She's a great photographer as you can see her works on her Flickr. She definitely knows how to capture the local beauties (food, people, culture, landscape, anything) while on her travel. Everything comes alive. She also blogged her story on her blog Carlina Teteris with beautiful photos. For me, her blog is more like a written colorful journey. !


J u d g i n g

Photographs are reviewed by a panel of judges, who score them in three categories : edibility, aesthetics and originality. The host then compiles the scores to determine the winners. The specific things the judges will be looking for are as follows :

- Aesthetics : composition, food styling, lighting, focus, etc.
- Edibility : "does the photo make us want to dive in and eat the food ?"
- Originality : the photograph that catches our attention and makes us want to say "wow!", displaying something we might not have seen before.
- Overall Winner : top three scores in all three categories combined.

There are three overall winners for photographs with the highest point totals in all three categories combined, and one winner in each of the three individual categories.
The announcement of the winners will be posted on my blog by August 1, 2011 (I try to keep my words)


R u l e s

- Only one entry per person (a single photograph, no diptychs)

- All pictures must be text free
- The photograph must have been taken by you
- The photograph must have been appeared on your blog in June 2011
- Entries must be received by July 20th, 2011


What do you have to do to join the event?

Send your entry (must be food or drink related) to t_hapsari_rn {at} yahoo {dot} com with DMBLGiT as the subject. Please include the following :

- Your name (required)
- Your location
- Your blog's name and URL
- Your photograph's title
- The URL of the post containing the photograph
- Type of the camera used, lens if you wish

Please send photos in an attachment to your email in a jpeg format, of no more than 500 pixels in width.

By submitting a photo, entrants agree to their photo being redisplayed and altered in size on my blog and on the Spittoon Extra DMBLGiT ? page.


G a l l e r y

All submissions will be posted to the July 2011 DMBLGIT gallery, which will be updated as I receive entries. Please give me a few days to update the gallery with your submission. And make sure yours is included once I start publishing them. I look forward to your entries. Good luck!

.:: Tika Hapsari Nilmada ::.


  1. Congrats Tik! I missed the June one :)

  2. Congrats on hosting! Can't wait to see all the gorgeous entries!

  3. This would be the first time I would participate. Not that my photos are great .. but this time I have gained some about of guts to just send my picture :)

  4. @Pepy : Thanks. I made you miss this month too. :(
    @Xiaolu : Hey...can't wait to see your photo as one of those gorgeous entries
    @Kankana : Welcome ! There will always be the first time for everyone. You could meet new friends and have fun time through this event :) Trust me !

  5. Congratulations on winning last month's contest. Your photography is awesome. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for hosting this month's DMBLGiT. :)


  6. Mbak Ira, apa ngga ada tema khusus yah ?

  7. @Amy : Thanks very much !
    @Ririk : Hayooo...ini Tika bukan Ira :D
    Dari rule di atas jelas, tidak ada tema khusus. Tapi foto yang dikirimkan harus sudah ada di blog pada bulan Juni 2011. Itu saja. Dan harus hasil motret sendiri :) Ayooo kiriiimmm.

  8. Ups sorry banget mbak tika :D, berarti harus uploadan juni yah. Kalo Juli ngga boleh yah.

  9. Kalo hasil posting bulan July ga bisa, itu buat DMBLGiT Agustus. Jadi emang mundur 1 bulan Rik... :)


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