Saturday, February 6, 2010

Challenge #1 : Tea

Frankly speaking, I am a new beginner in food photography. I realized that I do still have a lot to learn to achieve better photos to be enjoyed by others. Starting on January 2010, I encourage myself by sending my food photos to several food photo events.

The next thing happened was, me and two of my friends agreed to shoot food or drink photos, then we show the results to each other. The first challenge theme is TEA. I was the one who throw the idea of this challenge. My idea for this theme is between making Thai tea, hot tea, or lemon tea.

Pouring tea into the cup or pouring milk into the cup of Thai tea, something like that.
But, I changed my idea by setting these simple breakfast or afternoon tea party. With the lemon cuts on top of the tea, and chocolate brownies given to me by my mom. :p

Behind the scene : I was bought those two cups a day before I shot the picture. I bought those ones in a small ceramics shop at the shopping center near my office building.


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