Friday, June 6, 2014

Homemade burger patties

What kids love about fast food ? It's prepared and served fast and according to them, fast food always tastes good ! Fast foods are high in fat, sodium and sugar which are not healthy to our bodies. And that becomes my biggest concern these days. My son loves burgers, pizzas and all stuffs from fast food restaurants. But I have to be strict with my rules about this one. I only allow him to buy one kind of fast food in a month, but sometimes he doesn't buy any *evil laugh.

(Homemade) - Burger patties
I grew up in the time where it was so hard to find fast food restaurant in my area. My childhood fancy foods were only between my mom's homemade food and my family favourite meat ball clear soup from street vendor. My old time simple happiness ! :) Homemade food might take more time to cook than fast food. Compare to fast food, it ready less than 5 minutes. But the good thing is we can choose the best and healthiest ingredients for the family.

My son who is almost 11 yo within the next few days, shows an increased appetite. He eats a lot !! Sometimes he makes his own food. make an omelet, scrambled eggs or fried rice. As his mom, I have to be smart to provide healthy snacks for him. I made this burger as a request from him, because I wouldn't let him to buy burger from fast food restaurant any time he wanted. "Then you have to make me a homemade burger, mom !"
I tested the recipe couple of times and made it with my son. He's quite happy with the burger. Because of the thick patty and fresh vegetables. He would love his burger with extra lettuce and cheese. And finally, mom and her son were so happy enjoying their homemade burger together. :)

Cook's note :
- Make the patty slightly bigger size than the bun. Because meat shrinks once it cook.
- You can store your patties in the fridge for later use by wrap them with plastic wrap.
- You could also add quick-melt cheese for the filling of your patties. It would make a nice surprise when the melted cheese oozing out. Yuuummm !!
American lunch
(Homemade) - Burger patty
(Homemade) - Burger patty


  1. Absolutely mouthwatering! There's nothing like homemade burgers.



    1. You are right, Rosa. Homemade burger is the best !!

  2. Assalam..looks yummy!! Yum - yum..

  3. Mbak Tika, ni roti burgernya beli ya

  4. Start by peeling the onion, finely dice into small cubes to give maximum flavour when cooked. Food Truck Catering Wedding


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