Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trownies : Summer Fun Dessert from Bakerzin

Bakerzin has launched and announced its new summer dessert. Sweet refreshing dessert to celebrate warmth and joy of the summer. Bakerzin offers a large assortment of desserts such as cakes, cheese cakes, flans, macarons, souffles and they all delicious !! So, what's the new dessert's name ? It called TROWNIES.

What is Trownies ? Okay, if we write it into a mathematical formula, then we have Tart + bROWNIES = TROWNIES. A kind of baked brownie over tartlet then topped with cream and garnish with nuts, chocolate, berries and even macarons.  It all comes in five "surprisingly-good-combination" variants. Unfortunately, that day, I got 5 Trownies but only in four variants, minus the Red Velvet Trownies.

Let's get to my review of the four Trownies variants from Bakerzin. Here comes the yumminess.
Bakerzin - Choco Nutty Trownies
Choco Nutty Trownies - 35K (before tax & service)
You probably familiar with combination of chocolate and nuts. Now you can also find and enjoy mix flavors of them in Choco Nutty Trownies. Chocolate crunchy tart base with crushed almond and chocolate brownie. Crowned with chocolate cheese butter cream, sprinkle with chocolate pearl and crumble. Final touch, drizzled chocolate glaze. Everything is spot on. I recommend this Trownies for chocolate lovers.

Bakerzin - Coffee Almond Trownies
Coffee Almond Trownies - 35K (before tax & service)
I get a little confused with this Trownies. :D The name is Coffee Almond Trownies but I didn't find any almond there. Otherwise, I found walnut on top of the Trownies. I can taste a hint of caramel from the cream. Coffee-flavored brownie which tastes delicious, perfect for coffee lovers. Also a little bit of walnuts on top gives it a crunch ! Milk chocolate triangles make the Trownies look beautiful. This one is my favorite.

Bakerzin - Pistachio Trownies
Pistachio Trownies - 35K (before tax & service)
For me, this Trownies is the prettiest among others, because it's full of colors. :) The tart shell is crispy, with green brownie which is not sweet and swirled with green pistachio cheese butter cream. Overall, you'll get the sweetness from macarons (mango macaron, red macaron and foret noir macaron). Fresh raspberries and blueberries add the freshness in your mouth.

Bakerzin - Carabe Citrus Trownies
Carabe Citrus Trownies - 35K (before tax & service)
What I like about this Trownies is the hidden orange confit underneath the chocolate cheese butter cream. Chocolate and orange tastes so good together ! White chocolate stick and mini choco macarons makes it a little sweeter but not overpowering. If you take a spoonful of it, everything come together and dance in your mouth. Love.

All Trownies has nice, crisp and buttery tart base with perfect balance against the sweetness from the cream. I love Bakerzin came up with the idea of green brownie and red brownie for its Trownies. So brownie is not only brown anymore. :) Thank you Bakerzin....


Summarecon Mall Serpong II, G Fl
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Jakarta, Indonesia


  1. Beautiful Trownies and your photos as always ^^
    Aaahh.... I wish I live in Jekardaaaahhh.... Seneng ya bisa sering jalan bareng teman2 food blogger and bikin review begini :D

    1. Iyaaaa... kalo di sini, kamu sering diundang buat join bareng sambil makan2 :p

  2. Drooooling....semua kelihatan yummi mbak. Asli mupeeeng...sama kayak mbak Tata, pengen ke sonooo

    1. Haduuuhhh Hestiii... ini enaaakk. Andai dirimu di Jakarta, pasti gabung sama kita icip2. :)


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