Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Melt in your mouth : Chocolate panna cotta

Panna cotta are Italian words for cooked cream in English. The famous Italian dessert which is soft and silky in texture, light, so delicate and melt in your mouth ! Woosshhh....and it will gone in second, but the aftertaste will remain and you just can't wait to have another spoonful and put it in your mouth again and again.

After my first successful coffee panna cotta, I managed to make another panna cotta with chocolate flavor like the way I wanted. Sweet temptation from chocolate in any forms are very hard to resist. But if you don't like sweet panna cotta like this one, there are many choices of panna cotta combined with fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, cherries, passion fruits, kiwis or mangoes. Your panna cotta will be fresher and slightly tangy in taste.

This panna cotta was made as a request from my son who will face his National Exam next month. Like any other mom, I feel worried about this exam. Frankly speaking, now I know how it feels to be in the position of parents whose children will face the National Exam. I need to accompany him to learn all subjects and make sure he's ready for the exam. No, I'm not complaining about it . Let's hope the best for him and the exam. :) In the meanwhile, I leave you with this post and wish I could give you good news next month. Aamiin.
Cook's notes :
- If you transfer the panna cotta mixture into cups, make sure to cover them with plastic wrapper before you put them to the fridge. This method will give you beautiful surface on your panna cotta.




  1. Deliciously chocolatty! These panna cotta look divine.



    1. They were taste awesome !! Thank you for coming, Rosa :)

  2. Wonderful dessert looks rich and delicious :)

  3. This recipe looks wonderful!
    You mentioned 2 Gelatin Leaves- Do you have a specific "bloom" of leaf that you prefer?
    Also, approximately what size of a panna cotta does this make?

  4. Hi Lena. Thanks for stopping by.I usually just soak gelatin leaves for about 3-5 minutes in cold water. I think, when gelatin is soften enough then you can take it out.

    For the recipe above, makes 4-5 cups. :)
    Hope it helps.


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