Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bake and Dine with "BreadLife Bakery"

When you want a quick breakfast or brunch, then the fastest solution is bread. You can make sandwich with egg, your favorite jam, fresh vegetables or fruits. I often keep bread to eat in the afternoon to overcome my hunger while working in the office. So, bread has always been my preferred food when hungry.

Since the number of bakeries are increasing through times in Jakarta, it makes bread lovers spoiled for choices. Because we can find and choose the best quality of bread. Good bread with great texture, great basic bread dough and great variation of fillings.
Another invitation from BBlog to join the "Bake and Dine with BreadLife Bakery" event at BreadLife Bakery Living World Alam Sutera. With 4 foodie bloggers, we were treated with breads, cakes and drinks. What more interesting than have a little chit chat, take a shoot of foods and taste them ?

BreadLife Bakery Indonesia, as one of competitor in bakery industry, offers a range of various delicious sweet bread, toast, dry cakes and now BreadLife Bakery extend their product range by providing chilled cakes and beverages in some outlets. BreadLife Bakery is an artisan Japanese bakery with open kitchen concept and their products are made from high quality ingredients with no preservatives.

I have my own favorites from BreadLife, the ones I usually buy whenever I come here. Chocolate muffin, Rugby, The Ring and their new World Cup edition bread, Cheese Balls.

Let me take you on a "virtual tour" through my photos from "Bake and Dine with BreadLife Bakery" event that day. Are you ready ?

Strawberry Shortcake
Summer on a cake. Layered sponge cake filled and topped with fresh strawberries and creamy whipped cream.It's not only look good but also taste good !
BreadLife - Lemon Tart
Lemon Tart
Ahhhh... finally I can taste Lemon Tart ! Classic combination of lemon filling screams of zesty flavour, crunchy tart base with sweet pillowy meringue. perfect balance between sweet and tart.
BreadLife - Japanese Green Tea Roll
 Japanese Green Tea Roll
In Japan, Japanese green tea roll cake is very common and popular. It's a Japanese sponge cake rolled with cream and ogura filling. Sweet to eat and very light with the scent of green tea.
BreadLife - Fruit A La Carute
Fruit A La Carute
To be honest, this decadent roll cake is deliciously rich ! Everything is spot on and being there for a reason. Freshness from mixed fruit chunks, vanilla flavored cake and enrich with chantilly cream. Level of sweetness is just right. it !
Black Sesame Pudding
This is a Japanese style pudding ! It's velvety smooth, soft and gooey pudding with unique taste, great nutty and strong sesame flavor. Plus fresh fruits for garnishes. Delicious taste of yummy pudding.
BreadLife - Cheese Gratine
Cheese Gratine
I'm a promiscuous cheese lover and this one is just perfect ! The hero of Cheese Gratine is of course cream cheese. It made without base crust, so you'll get only creamy cheese top to bottom. Light, tangy and refreshing all at the same time.
BreadLife Bakery - Rugby Bread
My favorite and best seller ! Look at the size of this rugby ball-shaped sweet bread, it's big enough so you can share it for two people. The outer layer is crispy with Belgian chocolate chips while the inside is tender bread with sweet vanilla vla.
BreadLife - Chocolate Ice Blended
Chocolate Ice Blended
Made from milk, ice and chocolate powder blend until slushy then topped with cream and chocolate sauce. With thick and rich chocolate flavor.
BreadLife - Green Tea Ice Blended
Green Tea Ice Blended
The is one of BreadLife Bakery's recommend beverage. Green tea ice blended can be soothing after a long day
From left to right : Nathan, Zadana & Fika from BBlog, Aline, Eddy, Hans and me

Breadlife Indonesia


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