Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Indonesian fern curry

Exploring the diversity of traditional Indonesian food has always been a fun and nice thing to do. I enjoy every learning process in each and every food that I cook. The outcomes were not always successful, but I learned from those failures. Things I will never experience if I never give myself a try to cook it. I have to admit that food photography and being married have made me learn how to cook properly. I'm eventually falling in love with these cooking activities

(Homemade) - Indonesian fern curry
Long time ago, when I was not too familiar with the world of cooking, I was a picky eater when it came to veggie eating. I like to eat very few veggies such as water spinach, spinach, carrot and cabbage which cooked as soup or simple stir-fry. That was how I enjoy my veggies. I do not particularly enjoy eating vegetables that contain coconut milk like lodeh (mixed vegetables in coconut milk) or bobor bayam (spinach in coconut milk) for example. But once I started cooking my own food, my culinary journey begins by trying new recipes that I had never tried before. And finally I can train my palate to be more sensitive to flavors. 

Making fern curry is fairly easy. With high levels of humidity, ferns can be easily found in the markets in Indonesia and the price is quite cheap. Indonesian fern curry, usually served with Padangnese vegetables curry and ketupat (diamond-shaped rice cake). Padang is a city in West Sumatra which is rich with traditional cuisine such as rendang, sambal lado, satay Padang, soto Padang, gulai kepala kakap and many more. One thing what makes the cuisine of West Sumatra stand out and unforgettable is the use herbs and spices to produce flavorful dishes.

Therefor, I'm glad to introduce one of traditional dish, Indonesian fern curry from Indonesia and submit it as my participation in Asian Food Fest : Indonesia event hosted by Alice from I love. I cook. I bake
Cook's note :
- To avoid the coconut milk from curdling, you could stirring the coconut milk gently and constantly
- For this recipe I use asam kandis (tamarind)
(Homemade) - Indonesian fern curry


  1. This dish is really unique! I'd love to taste it.



  2. hhhmmm never tried ferns before, looks yum!

    1. It tastes good, Alice. The stem is also edible, it's crunchy ! :)
      Thank you for coming here, dear.

  3. You know Tika, i started eating veggies mostly after my marriage....came to know they are so many vegetables and can be cooked in many ways through my MIL, who even has a veggie garden in her backyard.....this curry looks the new profile pic....your hijab looks beautiful....

    1. It's so relieving to know we've experienced the same thing, Lubna. Married has escalated our cooking skills and our eating habit as well. :D
      Thanks for your nice words on my profile pic.

  4. Your blog reminds me with my mom, I had such a wonderful cook time with her
    Keep blogging!
    I'm newbie food blogger :3


  5. Ah Tikaaa....jd ngidam sayur pakis nih hehhehe


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