Monday, March 3, 2014

(Product Review) - Colby's Farm nut milk

I am curious on how to make my own almond milk at home. I had been looking for the recipe and how to make it on the internet before I finally got a chance to taste nut milk products from Colby's Farm. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet directly with Tantri and William from Colby's Farm in person.  

William and Tantri were very enthusiastic when explaining the business of non-dairy milk as their core product. They are very concerned with healthy living by offering nut milk made ​​from 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives and no chemicals. They've actually done the market research and they have also learned on how to make tasty, delicious yet nutritious almond milk. Almond milk can be a nice substitution for your cow milk or soy milk. As you can use it for smoothie, enjoy it with your cereal or oatmeal, use it in baking or anywhere you'd use cow milk. 

When I first tried almond milk from Colby's Farm, I can taste the thick and creamy almond milk with a hint of sweetness and traces of almonds ! Almond milk is made from almond and water. I love its nutty taste and texture which give me a new sensation in drinking dairy-free milk. Colby's Farm offers 4 flavors of almond milk : Original, Vanilla, Chocolate and Matcha. And one of its newest product is the Black bean milk made ​​from black beans, it has similar taste to soy milk. My favorites are chocolate and matcha almond milk. 

If you find your almond milk separated into two different layers, don't worry ! It is normal for the milk to separate after it sits in the fridge for a few hours. Just give a quick shake before using. 
(Product Review) - Colby's Farm
Almond milk with vanilla flavor
(Product Review) - Colby's Farm
Almond milk with matcha flavor 
(Product Review) - Colby's Farm
Almond milk with chocolate flavor
(Product Review) - Colby's Farm
Almond milk original
(Product Review) - Colby's Farm
Black bean milk original
(Product Review) - Colby's Farm

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  1. I guess my indonesian licking would hitting on on green tea and black bean for sure.....

    1. Have you tried Colby's Farm's products ? They all taste great and my fave are chocolate and green tea.


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