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Resto Review : Bakerzin

At first, this blog was devoted only to documented my cooking journey, all recipes I've tried along with food pictures. But for the past 10 months, I've received some food tasting invitation from restaurant or cafe. To be honest, I'm not really a food reviewer and I'm nothing compared to my fellow food reviewers. So to speak, I'm actually a novice in this field !! But here I am at last.

Hence, I got very excited and super happy when receiving an invitation from Bakerzin. Bakerzin is known as a casual dining café specializing in desserts . They offers wide variation of choices from appetizers, cakes like chocolate cakes, cheese cakes and flans. They also have plenty choices of main course, beverages, small bites, soups and salad. Lucky me, about 2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to come and taste foods and beverages at Bakerzin Central Park and Bakerzin Summarecon Mall Serpong. Love it !!
Bakerzin started out in 1998 as a modest patisserie located off Singapore, by the famous pastry chef Daniel Tay. Then in 2002, Bakerzin opened the first outlet in Indonesia. At the beginning, Bakerzin only served desserts to their customers. Along with the demand from visitors, appetizers and main courses were added to their menu. For me personally to be able to enjoy a delicious meal must also be supported with a comfortable place. and Bakerzin has all the package.

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Resto Review : Bakerzin
Savory Classic (45K before tax & service) - Bakerzin has several breakfast menu options you can order and Savory Classic is one of them. I really love the sliced mushroom stew that tastes so exquisite ! Served with 2 slices of delicious brioche. You can choose how you like your eggs cooked. Do you like them over easy sunny side up, scrambled or fluffy omelette ? Also a choice of bratwurst , beef bacon or homemade corned beef. Everything cooked perfectly ! To tell you the truth, the mushroom has a hearty flavor, so yummy !!. With a plate of this, I'm truly eat like a princess.

Resto Review - Bakerzin
John Dory Fillet (80K before tax & service) - Fried crumbed John dory fillet served with salad and Caesar dressing with decent portion size. The fish melts in your mouth like butter without fishy tasting. Great combo of proteins with fresh vegetables.

Resto Review - Bakerzin
Dory Fillet Pasta (65K before tax & service) - The portion of the pasta is bigger than I thought my tummy could take. The spaghetti cooked to perfection and packed with flavor. But I would love to have more sauce on my spaghetti, though. So if you love big portion of spaghetti with large size of dory fillet, this can be your perfect choice. 

Resto Review - Bakerzin
House Special Fried Rice (65K before tax & service) - Served in a large bowl with sunny side up, emping crakers, pickled, tomato and bratwurst. The big portion of fried rice mixed with ebi (dried shrimp) taste good but not too special for my liking.


Resto Review : Bakerzin
Hazelnut milk (30K before tax & service) - Warm milk with hazelnut flavor which has a taste nice. Wonderful nutty flavor yet mild too. I recommend this drink for you !

Resto Review - Bakerzin
Iced Lychee Tea (35K before tax & service) - Iced tea served with lychee in a large glass. So refreshing, a perfect companion on a hot day.

Resto Review - Bakerzin
Orange Juice (35K before tax & service) - I love the fresh juice from fresh fruit with no additional sweetener. This fresh orange juice from Bakerzin is not overly sweet with nice orange flavor.

Resto Review - Bakerzin
Ice Caramel Chocolate (35K before tax & service) - This is a beverage with combination of caramel, chocolate and Oreo cookies then topped with whipped cream and chopped Oreo cookies. It tastes good like any other smoothie. Even though it's just too sweet for my taste.

Resto Review - Bakerzin
Warm Chocolate Cake (55K before tax & service) - This is the famous signature dish from Bakerzin. Lovely presentation. Using the premium chocolate brand, Valrhona, makes the cake even more special. Served warm with a scoop of homemade ice cream, orange confit and fresh strawberry. You will find the hot fudge center oozes out beautifully from the cake as you dig in !

Resto Review : Bakerzin
Macarons (12K) - These colourful meringue-based cookies are really beautiful. I still admire the shape of these cookies. The filling balancing the sweetness from the macarons, just the way I like it. The size of the macarons tend to be consistent with soft and nice colors.

Left to right : William (Colby's Farm), Herry (Bakerzin), me and Tantri (Colby's Farm)

Bakerzin - Central Park Mall
Ground Floor - 217, Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28, Slipi

Bakerzin - Summarecon Mall Serpong
Downtown Walk  

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