Friday, November 6, 2015

"Does My Blog Look Good in This ?" (DMBLGiT) November 2015 Edition

To me, DMBLGiT event has a big role in my food photography journey. I met new friends who have the same passion and interest with me, I learned how to bake a cake and cooked food I've never tried before, I also learned how to produce a good food photo from all participants. DMBLGiT was the reason why I started to have a food blog ! I've hosted three times DMBLGiT in the past, and I'm more than happy to have a change to host this again for the fourth time.

DMBLGiT (Does My Blog Look Good in This), is a monthly food photography event open to all food bloggers who have posted food or drink photo on their blog. It's a one of its kind virtual food photography contest that is hosted by different food bloggers across the globe every month, judged by the team of outstanding food photographers. DMBLGiT was established way back in 2005 by Andrew Barrow who was running this contest for several years. In 2014, Neel and G (his better half who makes everything possible) from LearnFoodPhotography "acquire" this food photography contest from Andrew.

You may check DMBLGiT  Oct 2015 winners announcement which hosted my Hina Gujral on Fun Food and Frolic.

This time I have three  judges in the panel and they will score all entries in three categories : edibility, aesthetics and originality.
- Pamela Rodriguez, a food blogger on Uno de dos, food stylist, food photographer, recipe developer and a cookbook author. She also has won several times on DMBLGiT.
- Bea Lubas, a self-taught food photographer. Her style focuses on colors and textures and she always wants to express the emotions behind the dish. A beautiful food blogger who lives in England and runs a food blog called Bea's Cook Book.
- Neel, a hobbyist food photographer and professional engineer. He and G are the motor behind Learn Food Photography. They also the energy of DMBLGiT resurrection and administered the event.

Photographs are reviewed by a panel of judges, who score them in three categories : Edibility, Aesthetics and Originality. The host then compiles the score to determine the winners. The specific things the judges will be looking for are as follow :
Edibility : "does the photo make us want to dive in and eat the food ?"
Aesthetics : composition, food styling, lighting, focus, etc
Originality : the photograph that catches our attention and makes us want to say "wow!", displaying something we might not have seen before.
There are three overall winners of photographs with highest point totals in three categories combined, and one winner in each of the three individual categories.

Contest Rules 
1. Only one entry per person. One photograph. No diptychs.
2. This photo should be taken and posted in the month of October 2015
3. The photograph must have been taken by you.
4. Entries must be received by 20th of the month.
Photo Submission Requirements 
1. Send your photos at an attachment to and with subject "Submission for DMBLGiT November 2015". It is critical that subject of the email matched exactly to what's mentioned above. You will receive an email confirmation of submission. If you don't receive any email, please contact me through my mail.
2. Include this information in your photo submission.
- Your full name
- Your blog name and URL
- Title of your photograph
- URL to blogpost where submitted photo is posted
- Agreement from you agreeing to let us display your photo on host website,              and DMBLGiT contest gallery. We won't use your photo for any other purpose outside DMBLGiT.
3. Important : File format needs to be jpeg format and longest size should be no longer thatn 500 px. This means for horizontal or landscape format max 500 px width and for vertical or portrait format max 500 px height.
4. Photo must not have any text.

All DMBLGiT November 2015 submissions can be viewed in the gallery.

Essential DMBLGiT Links 
1. About DMBLGiT Link -
2. Participant Information and FAQs -


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    1. Mari ikutan jadi pemain, jangan hanya jadi penonton :)
      Ditunggu fotonya ya

  2. saya liat liat dulu aja deh, belum cocok ikutan :D


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