Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cold Brew Coffee

Have you  heard a quote that says "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee and that is pretty close" ? In some ways, some people describe that drinking coffee makes them happy or at least they drink a cup of happiness. Either the first one or the second one fits for you better, or you probably have your personal quote to show your love of coffee, but now coffee has become a culture, a ritual before a person start the day in the morning. We can see how coffee affects mood.

The increasing number of coffee shop business in recent years has changed people's perspective about coffee. Coffee is not just hot, black and served in a cup, but there's a surprising amount of chemistry involved in bringing you a cup of coffee. There's also art in coffee as shown by barista when they making latte art with steamed milk.
First time I heard about cold brew coffee, I was curious as to how it was made and its taste. Took me long enough to finally had time to make it. I can guarantee you can make cold brew coffee with any number of simple tools, sit the brewed coffee in the fridge and let the time does the work for you. For summer like these days, this recipe is worth keeping. For those who doesn't like the strong acidic from coffee then this is your best choice to enjoy your cold coffee.

Cook's notes :
- I used Java Arabica ground  coffee beans from EXCELSO because it produced slightly spicy or smoky aroma and low acidity level compared to other Indonesian coffee.
- There are some choices to enjoy your cold brew coffee. You can mix with dairy products such as milk or sweet condensed milk. But if you are allergic to dairy product or vegan then soy milk, almond milk or coconut milk are non dairy alternatives.
- Adjust the level of sweetness to your liking by adding simple syrup.



  1. Cold brewed coffee is the best choice for me. It increase my energy in the morning. I drink cold coffee everyday morning. Thanks for this wonderful article.

  2. wow ..... mba Tika makasi resepnya, foto cetar banget ak sampe bengong kagum sama fotonya

  3. Aku ngiler mbak ngeliatnya. Padahal sama kopi ya biasa aja juga. Bukan coffee lover sejati. Haha...

    1. Waaahhh. mbak Jade harus coba ini. Enak bangeeett, apalagi kalau dingin. Hhmmm


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