Friday, June 11, 2010

Setup Jambu Biji

Living in Indonesia, I never lack of fresh fruits. Mango, jackfruit, orange, apple, guava, tamarillo, strawberry, papaya, water melon and many more. So, in this post I'll write about my mom's original recipe "Setup Jambu Biji ".

Guava - Cinnamon

I usually eat this every Ramadhan for break fasting. Setup Jambu Biji with ice, cold, sweet, fresh and has lots of vitamin. Mmmmmm......I love this dessert and you also may try this at home. On my way back home, I bought some guava at Pasar Kebayoran and I didn't know what I want to make with it. Then when I saw herbs and spices seller, I saw cinnamon in a plastic bag. Cinnamon is one of the ingredient of Setup Jambu Biji.

So, here it is the recipe

Ingredients :
- sugar
- water
- cinnamon
- guava
How to :
1. Wash guava with clean water (of course), and then cut it out (the size is up to you !)
2. Boil water, sugar and cinnamon in a pan. If you like it sweet just add more sugar. You better taste it first before you put the guava into the pan.
3. After the water has boiled, then put the guava cutlets into the pan. Let them boiled for about 5 minutes then cool them down.
4. Better served cold.

Setup Jambu


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