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When baking turned out to be fun with friends at Bungasari Innovation Class

Got to tell you that baking is definitely not my forte. I could give up easily when I read a cake recipe with lot of ingredients, difficult techniques and too much process. I always find my excuse to eat cake I want without even bother to bake a whole cake. "If I want a slice, just point my index finger on a cake display in a cake shop". However, bake a simple cake will do just fine with me and I prefer a cake recipe that has low failure rate, such as brownies, brownies and brownies. No reason needed :D

When me and my 14 friends from Indonesian Foodblogger (4 brave men and 11 women) had an invitation to participate in a Baking Class from PT. Bungasari Flour Mills, I knew it would be fun and fuss all over the kitchen. It was an engaging and interactive hands-on baking class with hospitable staffs, helpful chefs and of course they gave us information about bake, cake and a bundle of baking tips. Baking is an art of turning flour into delicious foods and baking is also a scientific process, where there is always room for error, mistake and failure. But in the end, there's always a learning experience to come out of every failure. Choose the right type of flour for your need is the first important step toward baking success. On contrary, choose the wrong one then you bring yourself one step closer to baking disaster. That sort of things that eventually will enrich you.
Bungasari Innovation Center Team, from left to right : Mas Danny, Mas Ricko dan Mbak Hanira

Bungasari Innovation Class located in Bungasari Innovation Center building, has specific aim to embrace customers and develop connection in order to build a long-term relationship with their customers. It also shows real action from PT. Bungasari Flour Mills to educate people about wheat flour and its uses as one of food source. A place where you can dig deeply all the nitty-gritty of wheat flour, it includes how to store flour, what causes flour degradation along with valuable baking tips for participants depends on what class you take. No need to worry if you're a novice at baking, because all instructors will assist you from the beginning.

Why we should learn and know how to cook ? Because it's one of survival skill you'll need when you in a position where preparing food is necessary. And why is it important to cook our own food ? It saves money and makes money at the same time -you could sell your homemade cookies, cake, bread, etc-, you can guarantee that your home cooked meals are hygienic and you are in control of whatever goes into your food, onto your plate and into your body.
Feel free to ask anything about baking methods, ingredients and the instructor will answer your question patiently

Flour is not just white powder milled from wheat. The key to produce successful baked goods is best to know what you want to bake and then start from that point. Match the type of flour you use with the baked products you're baking. In other words, what you are baking may determine which type of flour you should use. Different type of flours means different protein content. Protein content is directly related to how much gluten can be formed. Gluten helps dough to rise and adds structure to your final baked products. 

Bungasari Flour Mills comes with 3 type of flours based on protein content for your everyday needs. GOLDEN EAGLE, high in gluten protein. It designed for yeast-risen baking products like bread and pastry. It also good for noodle. The second is medium-protein flour, BOLA SALJU, great to use in pancake, dorayaki and fried snacks. And last but not least, HANA EMAS which has low protein content suitable for cookies or cake.
Pouring the batter into the molds. This photo is a proof that Dita can COOK ! 

Divided into 3 groups of 5, we made same cake based on same recipe with the same tools, the not-so-ordinary dessert, Sacher Torte. I was in a group with Dita, Mbak Lia, Anita and Memez. With the help and direction from Chef Kelik and Chef Latief, we start to make the batter. But before that, we measured the dry ingredients. You can imagine 15 food bloggers with camera in hand, everyone of us wanted to capture every steps of the baking process while only few of us stayed with stirring flour or cracking eggs. 
Fresh from the oven
In the picture above, there are three trays from 3 different groups. The chef told us that the best cakes were the cake from the group 1 (left tray), because the cakes had smooth and shiny surface. The middle tray was my group's cakes, the chef said the batter was over-beat and been sit too long outside. Because the longer batter sits, the heavier and denser your cake may be. That what was happened to my group's cakes. See... it is through failure that we learn. 
Covered with chocolate glaze
Mbak Arni, the owner of Viani Cookies

My baking experience with Bungasari Innovation Class together with my foodie friends is a lifetime unforgettable moment. Tackled my own fear of baking difficult cake, not failed but more than okay, I guess. We had so much fun and we could take the cake home for our family as a proof. Thanks for the adventurous baking, Bungasari. Hope we can meet again in another class.
My first Sacher Torte
If you are interested to enroll in Bungasari Innovation Class, you might want to check on their Facebook Fanpage or Instagram (clickable link on the bottom of this post) to get full information. Bungasari Innovation Class open daily (Monday - Saturday) from 09.00 AM - 04.00 PM. With numerous class you can choose such as Cookies, Cake, Pastry, Sweet Bread, Japanese Bread, Noodle and more. Join the class and have fun.
Food bloggers goes to kitchen ! Photo by Bungasari
These were cakes we made that day. SACHER TORTE

PT. Bungasari Flour Mills Indonesia
Jl. Taman Pakubuwono 6 no. 11
Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 021 - 7243394

Facebook : Dapur Inovasi Bungasari
Instagram : @dapurinovasibungasari
Youtube : Dapur Inovasi Bungasari

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