Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tuna Macaroni Cheese Balls for your kids

Many people asks me about my surface I use in my food photo. "Where did you buy them ? Did you paint them by yourself ? How to make the pattern as the ones you have ?" and so on. Okay, I always paint my own wooden surface for my food photos. I have plenty of boards with various types and sizes. I painted them according to my imagination and sometimes I combined more than one color. If I don't like the color or the pattern of my board, all I need to is re-paint it again with white paint then start again.  I prefer to make my own board because it looks more personal.

There's no right or wrong in art because it's all about taste. You should consider yourself as a painter who is creating a masterpiece. Make a concept, choose colors, create pattern and you're good to go. Create something personalize that shows who you are and the real you. Like those surface boards I used for my Tuna Macaroni Cheese Balls in this post. The grey concrete-look-like and the one with tosca color. 
Now, let's go back to those fried balls. I made this recipe few times about 2 years ago for "Royco Masak Apa Hari ini ?" where I worked as food stylist with my friend Sefa Firdaus. One of my precious moment in my life as a food stylist. I met great people who is capable and true professional in their field.

For this recipe, I made some adjustments. I want it to taste more cheesy and add tuna chunks to elevate these fried balls. Mac and cheese are like best friends. You can't go wrong if you pair them together and the combination makes perfect snack. So, what is not to love from mac and cheese ?

A bookmarked recipe if your kids love cheese and pasta. If you don't want to fry them straight away, put the balls in the fridge. They are ready to be fried whenever you want. Mom's brilliant idea to save the time :)

Cook's notes :
- After the second bread crumb coating process, I use my clean hand to form perfect ball shaped.
- To complete the Tuna Mac Cheese Balls, add dipping sauce (I use Kewpie Spicy Tomato, it has Halal label) and chili sauce.
- Turning Tuna Mac Cheese Balls continuously during frying process, can produce beautiful golden brown even color on the surface.



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