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Resto Review : "Be Good with Yogurt inspired food" with Heavenly Blush

Who can resist a food tasting invitation from a restaurant ? First time I heard about Heavenly Blush food tasting from my friend, Anne, I volunteered myself to be the host immediately. The food tasting and food blogger gathering programme called "Be good with yogurt inspired food" took place in Heavenly Blush Restaurant, Pondok Indah Mall 2 on October 27, 2013. But as we had a chance to taste one of three meals they offered, we also had to face the photo challenge. Fun, right ? :)

All 19 food bloggers from Indonesian Food Blogger (IDFB) community gathered in a cozy place with very nice interior and we were welcomed warmly by the staffs and Ricky Kapoyos, Marketing Associate of Heavenly Nutrition Indonesia. On IDFB's last challenge, Heavenly Blush was kindly sponsored us and giving away free vouchers as the prizes for three lucky winners. Thank you very much, Heavenly Blush ! Hope we can maintain the good relationship and our mutual cooperation will continue in the future.
All tables reserved only for us ! Ha..ha..ha.. *feeling happy
Ricky Kapoyos, Marketing Associate of Heavenly Nutrition Indonesia was giving a welcome speech
 19 luckiest food bloggers from Indonesian Food Blogger community (me - front row, wearing red hijab and black dress) - Photo courtesy of Andrie Anne

Heavenly Blush is a trademark owned by PT. Heavenly Nutrition Indonesia that specializes in producing healthy foods and drinks made from yogurt. Health issues became one of many reasons why Heavenly Blush was born and came as a strong competitor in frozen yogurt industry. Yogurt has been known as dairy product made from bacterial fermentation of milk which is also a good source of protein and calcium. Based on numerous of health benefits of yogurt for the body, inside and out, Heavenly Blush combines the natural goodness of yogurt with its live probiotics (beneficial bacteria), together with other nutritious food : fruits, vegetables, herbal flowers, as well as other nutrients derived from nature to give a good balance of taste and nutrition in all of its products. Heavenly Blush is committed to serve only healthy foods and drinks for all customers.

Established in December 2008 and then opened its first outlet in Pondok Indah Mall 2. Heavenly Blush currently has 3 outlets spread in 3 large shopping malls in Jakarta, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Plaza Indonesia and Mall Kelapa Gading 3.

Heavenly Blush is really serious on serving delicious yet healthy foods for customers who are aware of what they eat. In accordance with the motto "Wellness yogurt specialist", Heavenly Blush offers a selection of yogurt based foods and beverages. Ranging from cakes, steaks, salads, sandwiches to soups.

Heavenly Blush ensures that all products are made with no preservatives, no MSG and also no fried foods. That sounds like guilt-free eating, doesn't it ? If you concern about healthy living and want to consume healthy foods when eating out, look nowhere else because Heavenly Blush is there for you. Now, please scroll down to see foods and drinks parade from Heavenly Blush. They will make your jaw drop !!
Menu - It's not a figment ! Heavenly Blush really serves meals with yogurt.

-- MEALS --
Oven Baked yogurt Norwegian salmon
Oven baked Norwegian salmon with yogurt sauce - 90K (before tax)
The reason why I chose this meal was because I love fish ! The salmon cooked and seasoned perfectly.  The green beans and broccoli not undercooked nor overcooked because they were all still crunchy when I ate them. Serve with baked potatoes and finally smothered with yogurt mushroom sauce. A plate of Oven baked Norwegian salmon with yogurt sauce served with your choice of mashed potato, baked potato or baked baby potato. Super yum ! It pleasing to the eye and yummy to the tummy. :p
Japanese beef with yogurt wasabi salad
Japanese beef yogurt wasabi salad - IDR 80K (before tax)
It's a portion of Japanese beef with yogurt wasabi sauce. So the sauce must taste kind of spice with a hint of yogurt. Served with rice and coleslaw salad. Since I didn't order this meal, I would love to try this one on my next visit !

Virgin Lychee Blueberry Caprioska

Virgin Lychee Blueberry - IDR 37K (before tax)
This drink is a pure water based drink. When the waitress showed me the menu, I told her that I don't want soda for my drink. Then she offered me Virgin Lychee Blueberry. This one was an absolute refreshment to my throat. Combination of pure water, fresh blueberries, lychees plus special booster from Heavenly Blush. The booster can be customized to your needs such as Isotonic, Energy, Slimming, Anti-Aging, Digestion, Immune and Mood Balancing.
Boost up drink
 Iced hazelnut latte (left) - IDR 36K (before tax)
Sparkling kiwi strawberry (right) - IDR 37K (before tax)
Boost up drink
Virgin Kiwi Caprioska (left and right) - Peach mango smootie (middle)
Iced caramel latte
 Iced caramel latte - IDR 36K (before tax)

Mango frozen yogurt
 Frozen yogurt - Veggilicious Mango
Frozen yogurt (froyo) available in 3 serving cups : small, medium and large. Heavenly Blush offers a selection of frozen yogurt flavors such as Wholesome Original, Skintastic Pomegranate, Sugar Free Guanabana, Veggilicious Mango and Honey Peach (only available in Mall Kelapa Gading 3). Don't forget to top off your froyo with variations of toppings like fresh fruits, nuts, jelly, nata de coco, cookies, cereals, and mochi. Because topping make your frozen yogurt more flavourful !
Resto Review - Heavanly Blush
Fruit & veggie yogurt drink - IDR 18K (except Mangosteen Guanabana IDR 19.8K), before tax
See those cute twisted bottles ? Heavenly Blush created these special yogurt drinks in the bottle so you will be able to enjoy the freshness of the yogurt anywhere.  Available in 4 flavours : Strawberry Pomegranate, Mixed Berried, Peach Mango and Mangosteen Guanabana (sugar free).

As I mentioned earlier in this post, we were challenged to make the food look delectable in the photo. We only allowed to add some properties in the background or foreground without changing anything on the plate. Here's the end result, Oven baked Norwegian salmon with yogurt sauce ! :)
Resto Review - Heavenly Blush,PIM 2

.: PROMO :.
Special promo from Heavenly Blush ! Print this voucher, give it to the crew and you'll get free 1 small cup frozen yogurt for every purchase of "Yogurt Inspired Meals" only on Heavenly Blush Pondok Indah Mall 2. Terms and conditions apply.
 Click image to print
click image to print
Pondok Indah Mall 2
3rd Floor, #335 at the Restaurant Row
Phone & Delivery Order:
(+62 21) 7592 0762, 7592 0957


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