Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guest Post : Pindang bandeng Betawi on Love and other spices

After a delay of several months (yes, months !!), I am finally able to fulfill Farwin's request to be a guest writer on her blog. Something came up between the line due to our busy schedules. She had written a post few months back with Coconut Jaggery Crepes with Kithul Treacle. The post is beautifully written together with lovely photos.

My interest in Indonesian culinary is getting bigger as I learn how to cook, then I started to like and enjoy cooking. I've mentioned once that I love doing a guest post for my friends especially when they want me to cook traditional foods from Indonesia. I love to try new recipes and explore Indonesian cuisine. This is the reason I cooked a traditional dish from Betawi/Jakarta, Pindang bandeng Betawi (Betawinese style milk fish stew in soy sauce). It was my first to cook pindang bandeng Betawi from scratch.

For the story and the recipe, please head over to Farwin Simaak  from Love and Other Spices. See you there !


  1. Beautiful! Heading over to the blog Love And Other Spices...



  2. Duhh....bikin ngiler mbk resep dan jepretanmu. Mbaak....aku ada award untukmu, semoga berkenan untuk diterima.
    Please check http://www.pawonomah.tk/2012/09/award.html


  3. hallo Tika, menggiurkan sekali bandengnya :)


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