Thursday, September 1, 2011

When I made these in smaller size :p (Chocolate Chinese Flaky Pastry, a guest post on 6Bittersweets)

(Homemade) Chinese flaky pastry with mung bean and chocolate filling

Do you know how foodie bloggers treat their friends from around the world ? You could invite them to write guest post on your blog, then they will cook tasty foods in their own kitchen especially for you, they will spend their most valuable time to take photographs of the foods and finally they will write the post as if it will be up on their own blog. One thing, they will do it all for the love of friendship ! 

My fourth guest post is for Xiaolu Hu from 6 Bittersweets, a sweet lady who has so many friends from around the world. Lucky to know her as foodie friend, because everything about her is loveable ! She's also a fantastically baker and food photographer, which you already know if you are a reader of her blog. She always comes up with creative ideas with food. Spools of thread cake pops, Cookies n' cream owl cupcakes, Lemon macarons in such cute shape :D , S'mores cupcakes are some of delicious foods you can find in her blog.

(Homemade) Chinese flaky pastry with mung bean and chocolate filling

My second attempt on Chinese flaky pastry went perfectly well. I found the right technique to show the layers on the outside. And I also made these in smaller size. Cute. :D I invite you all to come and view the full recipe at 6 Bittersweet where it posted as guest post over her blog.




  1. They are so pretty and I bet they taste divine! I saw your post on Xiaolu's blog.



  2. fotonya gak nguatin bagus bangte, pake kameranya harus DSR ya mbak?

    1. Ga harus DSLR kok, tapi emang ngaruh ke hasilnya sih antara kamera P&S sama SLR :P


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