Friday, July 1, 2011

Traditional salad from Philippines as guest post on Lekkericious

 (Homemade) Filipino Buko Salad

I made this salad especially for my Flickr friend, Marico Marvie from Philippines. As I promised to her, I want to make Buko Salad, take a photo of it, write a post for her blog and then send them to her. I volunteered myself to Marvie and she was agree with my idea. It was my first time doing this, write a post for someone else's blog. But it was fun ! I do want to have someone write something for my blog too.

So, Marvie already posted my Buko Salad recipe on her blog Lekkericious. Please take a peek and you'll find another healthy recipes from her blog. But don't be surprise if you find posts about cats (please, she don't eat cats !). She's a truly cat lover and cat rescuer. I believe she's soft-hearted when it comes to abandoned cats.

In this post I only give you the recipe in Bahasa Indonesia. For the salad itself, so fresh, easy, I love the taste but not cheap..hehehe... (heavy cream and 1 can of cocktail fruit are not cheap though). You should try it !

(Homemade) - Buko Salad

The photo above has been criticized by Dario Milano from Food Pixels. Read the detail here.
Buko Salad

Bahan :
- 1 kaleng fruit cocktail (250 gr), tiriskan
- 250 gr daging kelapa muda, keruk
- 200 ml heavy cream
- 3 sdm susu kental manis
- 250 gr anggur tanpa biji, belah dua
- 200 gr belewah,keruk

Cara :
Campur semua bahan jadi satu dalam mangkuk, aduk rata. Dinginkan di dalam kulkas. Sajikan dingin.

The logo above is from "Salad Spead" event hosted by Anamika Arun from Taste Junction. You still can submit your salad recipe to her by reading the details on her blog.



  1. Hahaha! This is funny! Yup I don't eat cats, I love them so much I let them bite me instead :P. I will soon prepare something Indonesian, I just have to master the art of cooking sticky rice. I trully enjoyed the recipe and the yummy food photographs Tika! It's Sylvia's birthday BTW she wants to invite you in her little kitty party tonight :).

  2. Oh, can't wait to see the result of Indonesian food :D
    Thanks for the invitation, don't feed me with cat food, okay ! Happy birthday to Sylvia...

  3. Your pictures are truly mesmerizing. Love this fruit cocktail salad. Reminds of me a restaurant in India where I had a similar salad.

  4. Thanks Radika :) This one is worth to try, I love the creamy taste from the heavy cream combine with fruits.

  5. This is a lovely salad & pics are charming!! Hosting a salad event at my blog, share it with others too -


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