Sunday, February 14, 2010

Challenge #2 : EGG

The second theme was EGG and it came from Valens. My concept for this theme was I want to shoot the inside part of the egg. Natural. Actually the deadline for this challenge is still open until February 20th, 2010. But, since I only have free time on Saturday and Sunday, so I decided to take the picture between those 2 days.

I already bought a SLR camera to improve my food photography capability, and to show that I'm serious in this field. But for this challenge, I was using my dearest pocket cam. :D
(Still getting to know better my new friend,'s just sooooo hard). Too many buttons, options, and I have to read the manual book over and over again.

Last words, I chose these 3 photos of egg for this challenge. Hope you like it !


Note :
For this opportunity, I was using natural light from the sun light, a reflector on the side and a piece of paper for the table mat

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