Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pickled water rose apples


Long time ago, pickling was used to preserve food for winter or to be carried on a long journey. Pickles have so many style depend on the country. Fruit pickles, vegetable pickles or a mix of fruits and vegetables. My version of pickle is one of the easiest, because I only toss everything and add chilies to make it hot.


I stepped my feet into the traditional market and I saw thousands of fruit in the carts. Rambutans, mangoes, water rose apples, pomelos and snake fruits have flooded the market. I absolutely wouldn't miss something rare like this.

I decided to make pickle with one of those fruits. I consider pickle is another way to enjoy fruit. Just simply raw and fresh, it also perfect for sunny day. In my family, my mum is amous with her cucumber pickle or we called it acar. I should tell you, she made the best cucumber pickle. The sour from the vinegar, the  flavor and the crunchiness from the cucumber,. Mum usually serve it with boiled noodles or fried bee hoon.




  1. I'd love to taste those water rose apples! Intriguing.



    1. I know it's not easy to find this fruit in your country, Rosa. But I hope you could try it one day.

  2. This fruit is extremely common in Kolkata and that's the only place where I saw it. It however is white in color and not red like in your case. This is one of my fav fruit and every time I visit home, and it's still in season, I would eat it almost everyday :)


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