Monday, December 24, 2012

Bread pudding how time flies so fast and I've neglected this blog for almost a month. I do miss blogging ! December is almost over and everyone is exclaiming "long holiday", planning their trip with the entire family member. I always love December, the month of festive and of course, holiday. :) I don't have plan to go anywhere during the holiday, because all I need is only a time on my own, being a normal housewife, stay in the house, clean up the mess and cooking. But while my brain says yes, my body screams no. Believe me, age does matter, lol.


When my friend said that she had leftover bread and didn't know what to do with it, I remember my grandma. She used to make bread pudding from leftover bread with coconut milk instead of fresh milk. As a mother, I would feel terribly sorry to see the food get wasted. So, let's call it "food rescue". I save some leftover bread and turn it into bread pudding. Don't tell me I sound like grandma. :p This simple and easy recipe of bread pudding is a savior in case you get bored with toast bread or sandwich.

To all my friend out there, Happy Holidays !!




  1. Scrumptious! That is something I love.

    Happy Holidays!



  2. Suka ini, apalagi pas hangat hangat...lembutnya! *sendoknya cantiiik*

  3. I grew-up eating bread and butter pudding and it is the most simple things that is the best.

    1. Indeed. Bread pudding is one of humble food and loveable.

  4. Blm pernah bikin ... bener banget ya mba tika buat ngabisin roti di bikin puding...nyontek resepnya ya ..

    1. Silakan, sayang :) Jadi ibu2 emang mesti pinter daur ulang =))


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