Sunday, June 10, 2012

My craving for tahu petis (Deep fried tofu with prawn paste filling)

Petis udang or prawn paste is made from fresh prawn shells. It's popular in East Java, Indonesia and some of Asian countries, we add it to the dishes in order to create unique flavor. I should tell you that this prawn paste has strong fishy smell, so not everyone loves foods with prawn paste mixture inside.


I'm over excited to post this recipe on my blog. Why ? Due to my craving for tahu petis and I cooked it totally out of the blue. My hubby's friend gave me petis paste for free and it has been kept in my fridge for a week or so. Then I was lucky enough to find a tofu seller on my way home after morning jog. So yes, it was without preparation. One other thing .... *grinned* I just couldn't wait to use my new planks.


If you think I bought it, you're wrong ! I found it abandoned in an alley. Call me crazy, but I think those planks were screaming out for help. Hence, I brought it all the way from market place to my office and I brought it home. I washed and scrubbed those planks and sun dried them for 2 days. Now they look pretty ! Time and weather have made them look very natural. However, it worth the pain in my biceps for bringing those planks from market place to office and from office to my home :D



Enjoy ....


  1. A wonderful dish and great pictures!



  2. hi tika I like photography, and food. very good work! Shortly before I started blogging. Someday I would like to draw beautiful pictures: D goodbye

    1. Thanks Ferdane :) Keep practicing and you will make beautiful food photos.

  3. Things we do for props huh :) if only i could make the husband eat tofu!
    Love the presentation.

    1. Hahahaha....I couldn't believe myself either. :)
      Thanks for coming, Kankana


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