Monday, January 9, 2012

This is how I enjoy sweet corn

Camera Locket Necklace

I want to share my happiness with you (again). I already received the prize from Nela of Beloved Star, a beautiful Camera Locket Necklace. It has a camera and heart-shaped locket and also has dove color. Although I don't like wearing necklace, ring, earring or any other jeweleries, but I'll keep it in my jewelery box. It's one of a kind to remember that I won the first prize.

Sweet corn

Five days in a week, I walk through the traditional market near the train station on my way to the office. Despite the place is squashy, smell and dirty, I do love traditional market. I could find fresh vegetables and fruits in low price. Sometimes I also find unexpected props for my food photography, such as enamel wares and earthen wares (not forget to mention that I got a vintage sieve for free, how lucky !). Absolutely a good place to treasure hunt ! :D

These are pictures I took from one of traditional market in Jakarta. Fresh fruits and vegetables are everywhere. Farmers sell their harvests on the market. Busy activities like this will continue until dawn the next day. Buyers come from around the market area even farther only to find the best products with good price.

Traditional market

This is the place where I bought sweet corn for my afternoon snack. The seller sells corns with husk still on and corns that have been cleaned from the husk. You can bargain down the price of things you want here. Just ask the price, bargain, deal, pay and take it home. I believe, traditional market will be one of the place I miss if I live abroad.

So, one day I simply enjoyed my afternoon tea time by serving boiled sweet corn on the cob for the whole family. The rain poured down, the wind breezed up kissing my face, enjoying a cup of tea with warm boiled sweet corn. What a peaceful afternoon I had that day. 

Boiled sweet corn on the cob

Boiled sweet corn

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Enjoy and good luck !


  1. Perfect with some butter! ;-P



  2. Thanks Rosa ! How can I forget about the butter :(

  3. my way to enjoy jagung rebus is always follow my mother, i made savory kind of type by add-in kunci/substitute ginger and sea salt :)

  4. @Ira : Thanks for coming :) I think it taste like sayur bayam.


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