Monday, January 16, 2012

Rujak kangkung / Boiled water spinach with chili sauce


One day I was craving for Plecing kangkung, a traditional dish from Lombok. I can almost taste the sambal (spicy chili sauce) at that time. I'm familiar with this dish, since my maternal grandpa was originally from Lombok. My mom is a good cook. Sometimes she cooks traditional dish from Lombok for our lunch or dinner. My favorite would be plecing kangkung and mesre (I can't find anything about mesre on the internet). Mesre is shredded beef cooked in chili sauce. I'll post about it some other day :)

(Homemade) - Rujak kangkung / Boiled water spinach with sambal

Sadly to say, my plan turned 180 degrees, I made Rujak kangkung instead of Plecing kangkung. :) Why ? Because I didn't have any tomato as one of plecing kangkung ingredient. :D Rujak kangkung is almost the same with Plecing kangkung (except for some of the ingredients). The sambal (chili sauce) of Rujak kangkung doesn't use tomato and limo lime. Plecing kangkung or rujak kangkung, whatsoever, at least I didn't have to hold on my craving !

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I'm not sure which part of Indonesia does this food come from. But knowing the blanched water spinach with sambal like this one, yup this is Indonesian food. From what I read, some people in Kuningan, West Java, sell Rujak kangkung and they also claimed that it originally from Kuningan. :D One thing I should tell you, it worth to try. The water spinach tastes crunchy and the sambal really rich in flavors! Spicy, sweet and sour.
I have a list of "Indonesian foods I desperately want to try" in my hand. I manage to post at least 1 of Indonesian food recipe in a month. So, Tata & Momon, you can count me in for the next few months :)

Rujak kangkung

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  1. Oh Tika,I simply adore this green.Back in Srilanka this is called Kangkung.We stir fry it with chili flakes,onions and tomatoes.I wrote about this in my early days of blogging.So glad to see it again.

  2. @Rosa : Very nice of you, Rosa. Thanks very much.
    @Farwin : thanks for stopping by, dear. I don't know if people in Srilanka also called it with kangkung. Nice to know about that. The stir fry kangkung, we made something about it too. Especially when we add shrimp paste into it. Yum....

  3. Yeaaayyy for the to-do-list Indonesian recipes :D. When I hear the word "rujak", my mind will automatically be directed to think of "rujak ulek" hehehe. Btw, I have a rujak ulek photo *yeaayy thanks for remind me hehehe. I love Plecing Kangkung too, my friend from Lombok sometimes cooks it for us :D. I love to enjoy it with ayam suwir peads, yummm!!!

  4. @Tata : Hahaha...have a try, Ta. Gw makan ini bisa seminggu non-stop. Really additive !


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