Saturday, May 19, 2012

Avocado in a cake ?


Yup...that is true. I didn't believe it either until I saw the recipe in Table for 2.... or more. Sometimes we just cook dishes out of curiosity. No food colouring added, the green really comes from the avocado ! The color, the simplicity and the using of avocado had caught my eyes once I saw it and I bookmarked it immediately !


I promised you to post fruit recipes this month and I will keep my promise. This recipe is one from some of fruit recipes I already prepared. I can imagine that it's going to be colourful like summer.

The original recipe can be viewed on the link I've mentioned above, I did a little twist by adding chocolate ganache topping and pistachio. Okay, it's a quick post and a quick update. Only to keep my promise to you. Be back with another fruits and colors.

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  1. What a fabulous cake! I still have to make something sweet with avocado... Haven't tried that yet.



    1. too. I make juice from avocado. This cake was my first try. :)

    2. fotonya itu loh gak tahan , jadi kayanya enaaaakkk suoper rrr

  2. Love the ganache topping!
    Glad you loved this cake.

  3. Foto yg terakhir goyang ya Tik, pasti ngambilnya sambil ketawa hehehehe... Aku baru mau bikin avocado cake, tapi yg coklat. Abis cari2 resep dari berbagai sumber, kayaknya enak deh huhuhu apalagi kalo ditambahin coklat ganache *pingsan duluan

    1. Huehehehe...thanks for coming, Arfi :)
      Kayaknya karena fokusnya ke cakenya deh (salah pilih target fokus :p)
      Waktu itu sempet nyari2 yang avocado cake yang coklat, tapi pengen nyoba yang bener2 avocado. Dan jadilah nyoba resep ini.

  4. I have read your About me, nice to meet you!!

    I felt in love with this cake when I saw it on Foodgawker, and I've some avocado and condensed milk lefovers in my fridge... So, I'm afraid I have to try this, what a pity :P :P

    I'll tell you ;)

    1. Thanks for coming, Paula. I really appreciate it.
      As long as you follow the recipe, the cake would come out nice. Hope you like the cake and have a nice try :)

  5. I was going to try this recipe one day but I will make smaller amount of butter and add more avocado as avocado is a greater substitute for creaminess of butter in the healthy side LOL. TY

    1. Please do, Pep !
      Pengen tau setelah dimodif kayak gimana :D Good luck ! :)


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