Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Green tea smoothie

Ice Skating

Holidays ..... who hates holiday ? Students, kids, fathers, mothers, even me who works as an employee loves it. So, when holiday come, I took my son to one of mall in South Jakarta, to play ice skating. This was his first chance to try it. He had so much fun there.

You can feel the Christmas atmosphere everywhere, even though I don't celebrate Christmas. Snow, white, holiday, vacation, happy, those are what happen when end of the year is coming. Enjoy and have fun, before back to our daily routines. (I really need long time getaway with my family)

I always love holiday, after 5 days doing things on my work, I can relax myself with cooking, photographing and also spending time somewhere with my family. Nothing compares to that.

Matcha Powder

At my own tiny kitchen, I'm improvising to make anything with green tea powder. Green tea smoothie. Once I drink my first green tea smoothie was at Oh La La Cafe. I like the sensational taste of green tea. I love how it smell. Magic powder.

My version of green tea smoothie is a mixture between milk, sugar, green tea powder and ice cubes. Then blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Serve it in a glass. Grab a book, sit relax on a couch, take a deep sip of green tea smoothie. Yum !!

(Homemade) Green Tea Smoothie

Do you see that green color ? Fresh ! For my eyes and also my throat. Just try, I hope it gives freshness to you as well.


You can read behind the scene story here.

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