Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NCC Food Photography Club : In Love With Food

When the time I read about this event on Facebook, I had an idea to make a simple breakfast in bed. From my album, I already have two photos of food with heart shaped, so I sent those photos.

But the newest concept on my head about breakfast in bed really annoyed me. So there was I, on the supermarket bought an artificial rose, bread, a square white plate and a white cup.

I prepared the sets at night, great concept, and I can't wait to meet morning to shoot and capture my idea. I bought the bread in one of bakery shop, with the name of it on the bread cup. I don't like the look of that bread cup. And I covered it with tissue paper and tied it up with golden ribbon. Voilaa .... nice looking.

For the drink I made hot chocolate, and poured it to the cup. Put an artificial red rose for the bright color. I gathered all the things on a wood tray belongs to my mom.

I use the natural light from the open window in the morning. Natural, dramatic and romantic. here are the pictures.


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