Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Remake : Indonesian Rice Pudding

I posted this recipe a year ago, but I think it's good to bring it up again. Same recipe, but this time with new photos.

(Homemade) - Indonesian Rice Pudding / Bubur Sumsum

The holy month, Ramadhan, is just about to come. The month where all Muslims spend one entire month in daytime fasting. We need to ensure that we are in a good health, in a way physically and mentally well-prepared to face Ramadhan.

Like any other Muslim women, I also have plan what to cook during the special month.  I like something simple for Sahur (early meal we consumed before dawn). Otherwise, I cook something sweet and special for iftar (fast-breaking at dusk). Even though we could find seasonal food vendors in every corner of the street during Ramadhan, a homemade snack is taste much better.


My favorite iftar drink is coconut ice. I will always enjoy every sip as it washed down my throat. A tradition of fast-breaking in Ramadhan is when good foods are served for the whole family member. People go home early from the office so they could break their fast at home with family.

Indonesian rice pudding or bubur sumsum is one of iftar snack that we commonly find on Ramadhan. It's sweet, light and easy to make. I usually stick to only few recipes which we (me, my hubby and son) love. Dish that I would definitely make it again and again on Ramadhan. Martabak goreng (crepe-like dish with egg filling) with cuko sauce, kolak (fruit in coconut milk) or biji salak (sticky rice balls in sweet coconut sauce) and of course coconut ice. :) I'm sure you have your favorite food to be served to your family as well. Iftar will never be the same without homemade.




  1. That is a delicious rice pudding! I love the flavor of pandan. Great clicks!



  2. Not only are the pictures breathtaking, I loved reading about your fasting period and the iftar meals (though I realize it's not Ramadhan now). The pudding looks and sounds very tasty. By rice flour, do you mean any specific rice flour like glutinous rice flour?

    1. Rice flour made from rice while glutinous rice flour made from glutinous rice. So those two are completely different type of flour.

  3. Congratulations on winning the Host's Award, btw! :)

  4. Love this rice pudding( bubur sumsum) sooo.. much Tika, but I use to add pandanus leaves juices in the in pudding mixture to give it a more splendid aroma...but still the white rice pudding is the original one.

    1. Hi, Arina... I'm sure the using of pandan juice makes the pudding so special in its taste and aroma. :) Thanks for coming.

  5. yummy !, the pudding looks gorgeous, very inviting, awesome clicks :)

  6. Love your site, Tika! I have been quietly checking in for a while but I had some questions on this one. I want to surprise my wife with this when she comes home from work... if she is home, she will try to cook it her way! She is from East Java, but we live in New York City.

    I have granulated coconut sugar. What happens if I do not strain it through a sieve, which I do not have?

    Also, I know this is better to serve still warm, but I want to bring some to a friend the next day. If I refrigerate this, will the syrup turn very hard and bad?

    Thanks, Tika! Keep up the good work, your photos are beautiful!

  7. We strain the coconut sugar syrup is only to remove grit. But you can skip this step if you don't have any strainer.
    And if you want to use the syrup the next day, you could keep it in the fridge and heat until simmer whenever you want to use it. It won't change the taste nor the consistency. Hope it helps and hope you all enjoy it :)

  8. So funny, I bought all of the ingredients but substituted vanilla for pandan. They sell pandan here in a frozen packet of maybe 30 leaves, and I did not want to use just 2-3 leaves and have the rest sitting in the freezer for a long time.

    I was at work yesterday and my wife, who saw your pictures last week and said "my grandma always made this!", cooked this by herself before I came home! So much for my surprise. Of course, she did not follow your recipe, she never follows any recipe, she just knows how to cook it and plays with how much of each ingredient. Still... SEDAPNYAAA!

    Thanks again Tika!

    1. Your wife is a cook by nature then. And glad to know you liked it. So, you were the one who got the surprise :p


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