Sunday, February 26, 2012

The delectable cake : Fermented Cassava Cake

(Homemade) - Fermented cassava cake

Having a man and a boy in the house with different tastes when it comes to cakes has made me as a picky cake baker ! I need to make everyone happy and cook something they both love. They both love fermented cassava, so this cake is like the answer of my question.

When I was a kid, our neighbour used to send us fermented cassava cake. It was a homemade one. She brought the cake to our home while it still warm. Recalling the sweet memories where I had to eat it slowly and enjoyed every bites.


I got the recipe from Vania Samperuru of Adventurelicious. You may click the picture below the read the recipe. 

Once you have put the cake batter in the oven, the incredible smell of it wafted from the kitchen. The delicious smell that will arouse your appetite in a minute. The strong taste from the fermented cassava cake and a hint of cheese is one thing that will stay in your tongue.

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  1. A great cake! I've made cassava cake a couple of time but never tried this kind of recipe.



  2. udah kucoba....uenaaaak tenan...thanks ya ^^
    tapi belum bisa secantik bikinanmu mba Tika...masih harus banyak belajar aku... :)

    1. Wahhh...berarti daftar penggemar kue tape bertambah :) Kue ini emang enak bangeeettt.


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