Friday, August 13, 2010

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan

Once again we welcome it, and once again it welcomes us. For all Moslem around the world, happy Ramadhan ! A very sacred month, 30 days of fasting from dawn to dusk, bettering ourselves in principle of faith. May our fast be accepted and blessed. Amiin.

Exploring my new lens is always giving me a new sensation of photography. I can get large aperture to f/1.8, also I can get perfect bokeh. :D So if you don't mind, I really want to show you some of my picture, I've taken with my new fixed lens.

Mini Pie

This is mini pie, sweet and crunchy. And also, it perfect for your afternoon tea. No recipe this time, because I'm not the one who made that mini pie. :) But absolutely I can share nice pictures with you. Hope on my next post, I can post something about foods or drinks for break fasting on Ramadhan.

Mini Pie

See you....

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  1. Wow! This is a lovely entry. Thank you very much, Tika. Wish you good luck!


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